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Being a college kid, my weekdays seem to be repeating the same things over and over again. But I thought it might be cool if I used assignment 3 as an opportunity to record what I usually do on the U of I campus.

Studying in Grainger Library

Details of the video 

Every clip of my video depicts a part of my daily routine. Every morning, I wake up, turn on the lights, eat breakfast in the dining hall and go to class. Breakfast is my biggest motivation to wake up in the morning and I am not kidding. Sometimes if my friends and I had time at noon we would grab lunch together. In the evening, I always go to Grainger library to study and then take 22S back to my dorm. This is how I usually spend my day. I know it sounds super boring but it looks so much fun when you actually see the video itself. The angle that I chose to shoot the clips creates an effect which brings the audience closer to the subjects and the surroundings in the video

Eating brunch with friends at The Bread Company

People sometimes get used to what they do on a daily basis that they forget those memories typically turn out to be the best ones as they think back. When I am in the age of a grandma, I want to have something tangible to see or look at to make me feel young again. It is the main reason why this typically assignment is special to me.


The process of shooting all of the clips went smoothly as I had expected. One of the challenges was to film in class which I know students wouldn’t be comfortable about it. I ended up picking up a great spot which was located in the very corner of the second floor of Foellinger Auditorium. This is by far my favorite assignment and I am looking forward to seeing what is ahead.

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  1. Sabitt, Benjamin Alex


    I really enjoyed watching your video for this project. I thought the idea to document a usual day that you experience on campus was interesting being as our days do seem to repeat frequently. I thought the idea to use the light to start the video and end it was unique and something that helped bring this project together. I like how you used different angles and frames, as well. I especially liked how you filmed the food scenes. The up- close images made me feel like I was also eating the food! I think that this project will prove to be very beneficial to you and I can’t wait to see how your work progresses as we keep working throughout the semester!

    -Benjy Sabitt

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