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I-L-L….I-N-I! Go Illini Go!

On a surprising warm afternoon, I decided to go out and shoot how great our campus is. I wanted to make a campus tour video to show each and everyone that the University of Illinois is the “Best in the Midwest”. ¬†While I took my tour while I was in high school, it amazed me how nice our campus is. The point of this is to express how grateful I am to attend an institution like this and encourage others to apply and attend as well.

Picture of the Bell Tower on Gregory Street

The Process

While working on this project, I made sure I captured the best visuals that the campus has to offer. From the start I wanted to establish where this piece would be taking place so I decided to  film a Illinois banner. That transitioned into shots that I believe were the main attractions of campus. I also wanted to incorporate student life, such as students taking the bus, entering buildings, and walking from class to class. In addition, I wanted to add the sports at the end, because lets face it, college sports is popular and just adds to the excitement when going away for college. I believe that our sports programs are on the rise, and that will only help the university. At the end of the day, the main objective was to entice the viewers to visit, apply, and hopefully attend this prestigious university.

While I was filming, I made sure walked around majority of the campus to make sure I didn’t miss anything. After, it was time to edit and choose the best shots. The shot that I personally liked the best was the ones that captured the long streets on campus and showed a little of everything. Selecting the appropriate shots and placement of each shot is always one of the hardest jobs to do in each assignment. Overall, I believe I did well on this assignment and I sure you (the viewers) believe so to!


While working on this piece, I was struggling with the audio and the quality of the video after it was done exporting. With the audio/natural sounds I feel like I could’ve captured better sounds in which related to the specific video. It was hard finding the right natural sound, I feel like my piece as a little too much wind sound and will probably distract the viewer. On the other hand, I do feel like that sound captures the true environment on campus.

Now, with the issue of the image quality after exporting. I am not too sure what it was wrong with it. I followed the necessary steps as Dr. Collins instructed us to and also asked for her advice. I went through my plan A and plan B and nothing was fixing the issue. I exported it three different times hoping the quality would look perfect and have that “awww” effect on the viewers .Despite the issues, I do feel like my video is awesome and you can watch it here

Hope you enjoy!

1 thought on “Best in the Midwest – Blanco

  1. Williamson, Nathaniel J

    I loved the video Roger, I also totally agree with you. Campus is really awesome and it’s one of the best parts of going here. I totally agree on the issues that you had, too. I struggled a little with getting the highest quality video that I could, and collecting good sound. I think as we continue to do it more we’ll get better at it. We just gotta learn the tools of the trade which takes time. I’m sure Professor Collins was glad to see you using the “Plan A, B, C” method of solving things. We’re probably all going to get to be really good at that by the time the semester ends. Suppose it’s also good that we’re getting to know everyone through it too.

    I really like that you threw in the sports at the end. Though a lot of our major teams have been down recently, I only see it getting better from here with our recruiting classes we have coming in. Hopefully by the time we graduate the program will be back on track.


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