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Men of Alpha Kappa Lambda 2016


Another assignment for the books and I must admit this was probably the hardest out of three I have completed so far. This assignment was more of the free hand, however, the only requirement was to have a running video with natural sound. For this assignment, I decided to shoot two active members of the Alpha Kappa Lambda chapter at U of I as they show me their chapter house. The Alpha Kappa Lambda-Gamma chapter of the University of Illinois was founded in 1921. The Gamma chapter is proud to be the longest standing Alpha Kappa Lambda chapter in the country, building Men of Character since 1921.

Photo of the AKL house. Taken by Kevin Alperin.

For years, the men of Gamma have not only learned these five ideals: Judeo-Christian principles, leadership, scholarship, loyalty and self-support, but have made them a discipline in their daily lives. The men of the chapter say the House provides you with a sense of family, a home away from home and was a catalyst for friendship and brotherhood. For Sebastian and Kevin, they are very passionate about their fraternity. Alpha Kappa Lambda is one of the most diverse houses I have seen on campus. Every member is of different, ethnicity, race, religion and from different parts of not only Illinois, but the country. 

The Story

For some students, college is the first time in their life they have been away from home for long periods of time. Some college students at U of I are just a few hour car ride away from home, while others are a few hours of a plane ride away from home. What is great about being involved in Greek life and you are engaged in a community that makes such a large university much smaller. Many times Greek life is frowned upon; people think Greek life is exactly like how it is portrayed in movies, however, that is not how it really is. Being in a fraternity or sorority teaches you discipline, life skills and builds life long relationships. What is great about having the opportunity to live in the house is it is a home away from home.


This assignment was a great lesson for me going forward. The first time I shot the house tour, the video came out very shaky. After shooting three times and importing it onto my computer, my shots still came out shaky. I became very frustrated and very discouraged about myself as a producer. I went back the same day and shot the video one more time and felt more confident the last time around. Professor Collins stressed to me that it was important that I kept my head up, was patient, and believed in myself.

Check out my video here.

Sophomore active, Ray Doromal poses as he gets ready for another rush event


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  1. Polcyn, Thomas Michael

    I really enjoyed reading this reflection and the video you had for your story. I thought you had a lot of really great shots of the house, as well las of the guys that lived in it. As someone who is also involved in Greek life I was really able to relate to this and thought it was cool the way that you explained your story. Overall, I really enjoyed this project, and it has given me a lot of ideas going forward as to how I can personally do better in this class.

    Thanks for the post, Tommy.

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