Multimedia Cribs: Acacia Fraternity House Edition

For our third assignment we worked on shooting and editing a video essay and focused on incorporating natural sound into our video. Unfortunately I kind of misunderstood this and originally narrated over most of my footage but fortunately I was able to salvage some solid shots and found some decent natural sound. Regardless, you can watch the final project I came out with here. For the rest of my reflection, keep on reading!

As I said, I somewhat misunderstood the assignment so it did not come out as well as I might have liked it to, but I still think that I ended up turning it into a solid project. In class professor Collins said that we didn’t necessarily need panning shots or moving the camera, but in the shots that I did do that I felt it was necessary to capture the whole room. Capturing the whole space in just one still shot would have been very difficult and something I would not have seen as very likely or ideal.

Aside from those misunderstandings, I did not think this was too tough of an assignment. I got the idea after watching my friend James Boyd’s project from last year where he gave a mini-tour of the new six-pack dorm Wassaja. I thought that it would be cool to do a tour of my house almost like on the show “MTV Cribs.” The point of doing this video was to show all of my favorite parts of the house and some of the cool things that makes where I live unique.

I think that I did a pretty solid job of showing off the house and showing all of the unique little areas such as our courtyard. I got a few shots from the courtyard and above it as well that gave a pretty cool idea of what it is like in there, and basically just how unique some of the parts of our house are.

Another cool thing that I did like a lot about my project was getting my friend Liam to be involved in the video and getting his opinion on what parts of the house that he liked. Though the spot he picked — the kitchen — isn’t necessarily that interesting, it’s still definitely a cool part of the house just top hangout, watch TV and eat with each other. This allowed me to not only show parts that I like, but also some of the other unique places that other like in the house. This was a fun part of the process and I really enjoyed talking with him and others about the parts they liked and how I should go about filming them.

In the end, I enjoyed this assignment, but wish I would have had a better grasp of the instructions before I began. It kind of hurt me in terms of getting good natural sound and better shots without me narrating the whole time. But, in the end it was a solid project I think, and one that I will be able to build off of a lot in the next assignments.


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