The Friendly Rivalry- Griffin


For this assignment, I was a bit confused on what exactly I wanted to shoot video of. For me, the photo essay came easy for me. I had seen some nice scenery around campus so immediately thought of that for assignment two, but for assignment three, I was stuck.

In highschool, I had shot highlight videos for some basketball games. So I thought why not shoot my buddy Matt and I playing our good ‘ol one on one battles.

The shooting process: 

With Matt and I playing three games, I naturally thought of setting the camera up in three different places for each game. The first shot sort of worked but I had to do a lot of editing because of the angle it was at. If Matt and I brought the ball into the left corner, we weren’t even in the frame, which going back is something I would change. The second change of the position of the shot was my favorite. It was close enough where you could see mine and Matt’s facial expressions and hear us talking.

For the third shot, I went just below the baseline, which made me nervous the entire time. If Matt or I air balled, I would be owing Professor Collins and the college of media quite a bit of money. This shot worked pretty well too because It gave another good angle of Matt and I playing. Then I incorporated a shot at the start of the video of Matt and I warming up for the game which sort of set up the whole video.

You can watch me schoolin’ my buddy here.


Overall, I was pretty happy with what I was able to do with this video. I took something I love (basketball) and was able to incorporate it into this project while having the technical understanding of what shots to use and how to edit. Honestly, I did enjoy my photo essay a little bit more cause it was “artsy” and had some great scenery, but this is the kind of work I hope to be doing in the future: working with sports.

So far I have loved every second of this class and each assignment we’ve done. I hope to continue to improve and keep building of what I have produced so far.




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  1. Smith, Cassandra Alexis

    Hi Tim! Your video was very well put together! At first the idea of just seeing you and your buddy playing basketball made me wonder if it was going to be interesting ( I’m not a sports ball person), but for the purpose of this assignment I thought it was pretty cool. The way you switched up the angles made me want to watch more and see what happened. With your caption work, I would have loved to see you try your hand at play-by-play because you can obviously write to where it’s intriguing, so why not hear it? Anyway, excellent work and can’t wait to see more from you!

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