Danville: Home to Family and Culture

Most people will say that their hometowns hold a special place in their hearts. Others will say they will not miss where they came from and look forward to bigger and better horizons. So whether you fall into the former or the latter, everyone has an origin story. Much like how Batman tries to make Gotham better by fighting crime; I fight the negativity associated with my hometown of Danville,IL. I do this by looking at all the wonderful things that the city has to offer.

Depiction of Dick Van Dyke on a mural downtown.

As you will see in my video, Danville is the hometown of several celebrities like Dick Van Dyke. Last year, he made a homecoming trip and the town was full of excitement to welcome him home. Besides hometown celebrity, Danville offers a wide variety of culture that is captured by the downtown area.

Another important thing about this city is that it contains some of the most important people in the world: my family. Words cannot describe how much my family means to me. They come first in all that I do and I will never regret that. When you have a unit that loves and supports you unconditionally, you cherish that and never let go. So a big part of what makes me think so positively about this city is that I associate it with my family.

When I started this assignment, I knew I wanted to make my family the focus of the video. However, there is only so much that you can get done when you have a toddler whose main goal in life is to play with you. So I got what I could of said toddler (my sister) and then worked my way up. I was stumped on what I could do for the rest of the video because I had limited time with my family. However, due to a car breakdown, I was stuck in town for another day and had time to go explore the downtown area and get inspiration. That trip ended up being a blessing and fruitful.

I hope that you enjoy my video and get a little peek at my life at home. Thanks for viewing!

2 thoughts on “Danville: Home to Family and Culture

  1. Li, Emma

    I love how you shot the graffiti in different angles and included different style of them in the video. Next time when people ask me about what impressions I have on Danville, I would definitely think of the graffiti. It’s great to have your family and your sister in the video because they matches your title. Just one little thing I would like to add on, it might be better to film your sister in a wider shot so everyone can get a sense of what she is doing or maybe a different angle so the audience can see her facial expression clearer. Overall, great job Cassandra.

  2. Griffin, Timothy Kyle


    I loved your piece! One of my favorites of the class today. I think its so cool how you captured your beautiful town, made me want to be apart of a small town myself. The shots were also a good mix of wide, medium, and tight. Your entire piece had smooth sequencing as well. Everything flowed really well. I also really enjoyed you involving your family. Those were some great shots, including the closing shot. It’s relatable to the audience, which is always good.

    Overall, awesome job!

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