Jack Yalowitz: Illini Leader on and off of the field — Polcyn Assignment 4

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All teams have leaders, and while in most cases leaders are veterans of the team, it is a little bit different for Illinois baseball.

Jack Yalowitz is just a sophomore, but after getting valuable experience last season, he is ready to lead his team. 

In his first weekend of the season, Yalowitz accounted for eight hits, four RBIs and three runs in just four games.

But to his team, Yalowitz means much more than just his on the field stats. He is one of the strongest leaders on the team. Senior first baseman Pat McInerney said that he has seen him grow immensely since originally getting to campus, and that he is a huge asset to the team.

“Jack, especially, he’s grown with his confidence and he had a pretty successful summer when he was up there in Kenosha with me. He’s really taken a leadership role as well,” McInerney said.

Veterans of the team are not the only ones who are noticing his improvements.

Sophomore Pitcher and Yalowitz’ roommate of two years Luke Shilling thinks the duo has come a long way since they arrived together on campus last year.

“Me and him have grown a lot together as far as like, maturity-wise. We were younger guys on the team last year, maybe not as serious when we should’ve been, you know, messing around a lot, so. This year it’s a lot more business-like,” Shilling said.

Head coach Dan Hartleb has also seen the strides he has made.

“He’s a guy who has worked extremely hard and has really matured since last year. I think he’ll have a very, very good year,” Hartleb said.

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All in all I really enjoyed this assignment. My initial plan was to do a story on the changing landscape of housing and how it effects where people choose to live. Unfortunately, my interviews fell through so I ended up going with the baseball story as my plan B.

I was able to get some really cool interviews with coach Hartleb, Yalowitz, Shilling and McInerney. They were more than willing to talk to me and it made the assignment really enjoyable. I am a baseball writer already for the paper as well, so it was something that was comfortable for me and I knew I would be able to turn out a pretty solid product.

The editing was easier now that I understand premiere more and more and I am really starting to get comfortable with the software. Also, I really enjoyed doing the voiceovers for the audio package. I found that it was really fun to go through, read the script, make the adjustments, and then when you get it right it was a great feeling. Some of the transitions were tough and it was hard to give that little space in-between clips but I did my best I could with what I had and think that it still ended up pretty solid.

The other challenge that I ran into was that I lost wrote too much for print instead of giving shorter more concise language for the voiceovers. I tend to follow everything just as I’ve written in the past with my articles at the DI.

But overall this was one of the most enjoyable assignments so far. I really look forward to doing more packages and assignments that are similar to this format. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. McQueen, Samantha Marie

    This was such an awesome project Tommy!

    I really enjoyed listening to your interviews. It was really cool for me because I played softball in high school and always went to baseball games. I really enjoy profession baseball games with my family also, I just love watching the game. It was also cool to read your blog because I report for Illini Productions and baseball season is coming up and I’ll be reporting for the baseball games so this was a perfect intro for me to learn about the players and the coach. Amazing job with this assignment! I can’t wait to see what you do for the next one.

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