Perfection: Free Throw Edition

How to Shoot a Perfect Free Throw

Basketball is a game loved all over the world. It spans over generations and generations and has played a unifying role in uniting individuals of all different kinds of backgrounds. Naturally, with my love for this great sport, I wanted to do my project on one of the most important fundamentals of basketball which has won and lost many games throughout history: the free throw.

Growing up, I idealized one player in particular: J.J. Redick. When I was young, he was the poster boy for one of the greatest college basketball programs of all time in Duke. And you know what he was great at? Shooting free throws. I have a vivid memory of my Dad specifically telling me, “Hey Timmy, if you want to be like JJ, work on your free throws.” While I had no where near the talent JJ had, I would simply work on my free throws to try and be like him.

In the midst of the NCAA tournament, spectators constantly hear bickering from one analyst to another. But the importance of making your free throws I’m sure everyone can agree on.

Courtesy of NY Daily News. Dwight Howard broke the record for most consecutive free throws missed.

It’s not only a key fundamental, but at times it can make or break the game. It can flat out determine the fate of an entire team, and because of that, I believe everyone should learn how to shoot a perfect one. Yes, a large majority of us won’t be shooting a free throw with five seconds left on the clock in an NCAA championship game, but who knows what sort of pressure scenario you could find yourself in on your own level. An intramural basketball championship? A 40 and above YMCA league? Who knows? But in the end, free throws still matter.

To learn how to shoot a perfect free throw and be like J.J, click here.


This was one of my favorite projects to work on. Not only did I feel as if I had creative freedom to do what I want, but I got to do it on basketball, which ultimately is what I want to do with my life. I also found this project more relatively easy as opposed to others just because I felt as if I was completely in control of everything I wanted to accomplish.

I started with just simply filming my friend shooting free throws at a local park. I worked to get a lot of different angles and made sure he used the correct form and technique for demonstration. I wanted to shoot somebody other than myself because one, I thought it was easier for me to get unique shots, and two, it simply just brought more to the piece.

As for my goofy stand up at the beginning, I’m not entirely sure how this is going to be received. It could go really well or it could just be sloppy and looked down upon. I guess I’ll find out when I present it, but I do know I enjoyed doing it.

Overall, I enjoyed this project and am looking forward to doing more stuff like this in the future.


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  1. Smith, Cassandra Alexis

    Hi Timmy! Your video was great! I loved your standup at the beginning! Except for some audio issues, it was really funny and enjoyable to watch. Your overall video was great and I agree that having someone else handle the ball brought more to your video. You made some good producing decisions and your video was spectacular!

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