Group Reflection- Sullivan

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a quick preface and say I was really impressed with all of your work. I felt like everyone’s project had a unique story to tell, and I really enjoyed getting to see all of them.

Nate, Malec and Emma

I really enjoyed your topic and the way you chose to present it. I wrote about international students at UIUC all semester for Journalism 210, so I know how hard it can be for these students to celebrate their diversity and feel included at the same time. I really enjoyed how you chose to focus on Ken Salo and his work with kind of showing where we have not always succeeded. Overall, great work!

Demi, Zach and Olivia

I thought your topic idea was really fantastic. I feel like you chose something everyone could relate to on some level, which showed how the “typical” student really is a-typical. I especially liked your “Humans of UIUC” element in lieu of a traditional photo essay. I thought your project was really innovative, and I thought it came together very well.

Tim, Cassandra and Angela

I loved how you guys took a topic that gets a lot of attention and really made it your own. Your ideas were really fresh and inventive, and I loved how you presented the information. I thought your video package and your “how-to” were very out of the box, which I thought was fantastic. Also, your presentation was very informative and professional. Great job!

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