Group Reflection- Kerndl

Overall Critiques of the Group Projects

Hi guys! Each and every group worked so hard and successfully captured different perspectives of marginalized groups.  Check out the synopsis of each group below and their stories on Digital Illinois. 

A-Typical Is The New Typical

I loved the angle you took for this project.  There are so many people that attend this school, and our first impressions are usually just kids that walk to class and etc. This taught me that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, it really allowed me to see people differently.

The Accessible Experience

Before attending this university I wasn’t really aware of how accessible this university was. The website and videos gave me valuable information about DRES and even though we might me a top rated school for accessibility, there are still flaws and things to change. This group did a good job not making the class feel sorry about the subjects of this project, and made me realize that they are just like everyone else.

The Diverse Voices of UIUC

During my high school visits to this school I realized how diverse this campus was-that was one of the main reasons I chose to attend this University.  I could tell this would be a hard topic to cover, but I think you really pulled it off well.  I loved all of the different perspectives you got and how easy your site was to navigate.




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