Group Reflection- Blanco

Overall Critiques of the Group Projects 

Howdy! Today I will be giving a gist of the final group projects. Overall, each and every group worked hard and it was easily shown. Each group showed different perspectives of marginalized groups around the UIUC campus. You can check their videos and websites on digital illinois, enjoy!

A-Typical is the new Typical

The general idea of this project was well throught out and hit home. There’s thousands of students here that we don’t get to meet, but they all have a story to tell. You guys really gave them a voice and allowed others to see the burdens that many people hold throughout their life and school.

Be The Power

I could really tell how much time and effort you put into this. The angle you took was great, I love how this information is useful for everyone, and not just people on this campus.  I am now more aware of how serious the issue of sexual assault is and what I can do to help end it.

The Diverse Voices of UIUC 

Going into campus, I wasn’t really aware of how diverse this university and was kinda scared being a minority here.  Overall, I think this group did a good job showing how diverse this campus is and the people involved in it. The website and the videos within it had valuable information and was easy to follow.


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