Group Reflection- Li

Before going into details about the actual group reflection, I want to thank all of you for being so supportive and caring throughout the semester. You guys rock!

Group 1 Reflection (Sexual Assault)

I know that being the first one is always hard but you guys nailed it. The presentation was very well-prepared so the whole process was smooth. One thing that I really like about your website is the sidebar. It’s very creative for your group to use “Listen, See, Educate and Empower.” for each category. The How-To video is interesting and educational. These elements make your work stands out because even though the issue is serious but your team manage to make it interative.

Group 2 Reflection (A-Typical)

I don’t know if I should say it or not but your final project is my favorite. The message that your team is trying to deliver is very powerful and it gave me goosebumps while I was listening to the presentation. I like the fact that your team interviewed people from various background because it’s always interesting to hear their stories and get to know them better. The way you present the Photo Essay is really creative and I can see your group put into a lot of efforts just by seeing the number of students you interviewed for that one Photo Essay. Keep being awesome.

Group 3 Reflection (The Accessible Experience)

I love the overall structure of your website especially the infographics. They are simple and easy to understand. Also, I like how your team has O’Hare as the focus of your video package because the audience can have a better understanding of how accessible is the U of I campus from a student who has the need for it. One little thing that I would suggest is to go into details on ┬áNay Ross’s perspective on the issue. I learn a lot from your website.

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