Group Reflection-McQueen

Before I go into detail about each project, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for such an amazing semester! I could not have made it through without all of your support. I loved how much we supported each other through the good days and the rough days. Thank you all for being my journalism family. These projects came out amazing, everyone should be extremely proud of themselves!

Be The Power

I must start out by saying after your presentation, I was blown out of the water. You all did such an amazing job on such a strong topic. I felt it was a topic that needed to be voiced more for people to be a little more educated. The website came out extremely well. I really enjoyed your “How To” because it was skit style, it was funny and I also took away great information that can be used if I were to be a bystander in that type of situation. Overall, you guys did a fantastic job!

The Diverse Voices of UIUC

I really loved this topic because I felt I could relate to it. I grew up in a predominantly white area and there were many times that I struggled socially. Coming to U of I was a culture shock to me, but I love every minute of being here because it is so diverse. I really loved the website, it was created very well with such great information and videos for people to see how diverse this campus really is. Amazing job with this topic, you all really executed it well.

A-Typical is the New Typical

I really have to say that this topic was phenomenal because it is a subject that is not talked about enough and I must say you all nailed every point made. I absolutely loved each story that was told by different students of different ages, racial backgrounds, etc. It was truly inspiring knowing that everyone has a story. One thing I really loved what the letter to the professors. It was very relatable because as a student I do feel they do not understand that we have struggles outside of academics, this was an amazing job. You all should be proud of your work.

-Samantha McQueen

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