Tapping the Night Away

by: Alia Muhammad Radzi

The Dorrance dance on Thursday was fantastic, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My favourite piece of the three, was the Three to One. It was very dramatic and magnetic. I loved the three dancers as they tapped away on stage, moving effortlessly. Although, the two other dancers were not wearing their shoes, I felt it magnified the performance even more. It was empowering to see the piece somehow, maybe partly due to the energy of every move and remained on edge as I wanted to dance along to it too. I did not feel bad about swaying in my seat though, since we were told we could in the beginning of the performance.

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This is Not the Ballet

Written by Lesly Marroquin

Feel free to clap, tap, dance, and exclaim during the show – remember ladies and gentlemen, this is not the ballet.

Program of the event

On Thursday night, March 14, Dorrance Dance was the at the KPAC performing their repertoires Jungle Blues, Three to One, and Myelination. At the beginning of the show, the audience was told that it was acceptable to show their enjoyment throughout the show. The key way they were told this was said as “this is not the ballet“. Creating an emphasis between this being a presentation of fold art versus fine art.

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Tap, Tap, Tap

Tapping the night away

Written by: Leah Siegel

Photo by: Christopher Duggan
Photo by: Leah Siegel

This week we went and saw Dorrance Dance, an award winning tap dance company based out of New York City. Dorrance Dance was founded in 2011 by Michelle Dorrance, “one of the most imaginative tap choreographers working today” (The New Yorker). She has been in STOMP, Derick Grant’s Imagine Tap, and Jason Samuels Smith’s Charlie’s Angels/Chasing the Bird. They performed three pieces: Jungle Blues, Three to One, and Myelination.

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The Dorrance Dance

The art of storytelling through the art of tap dancing

By: Jeffery Berry

The theatre that hosted The Dorrance Dance

The Dorrance Dance was a very intriguing and wonderful performance. These dancers did more than simply tap their feet to music. The dancers of this event put an amazing show which was vividly expressed through the loud applause from the audience. This was one of the best and most grooviest tap dance performances to be shown at KCPA.

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Dorrance Dance: PROMPTS

What an electric night! I’m curious about a few things…choose two (2). Of course, you may write a response that has nothing to do with the prompts below. We’re looking forward to your responses. 🙂

  1. As we learned in class on Monday, tap dance is a true American form. Stemming from the denial of the drum, the body became the instrument. Think on all the different sounds (percussive to soft to silence) that you experienced AND how the body movements supported them. Share two moments, riffs, phrases that are still stuck in your head. Describe the sound, the sight, how it made you feel.
  2. How did the use of light and darkness assist in the storytelling in Three to One?
  3. Michelle pays homage to African American forms of dance. The deconstruction of Break Dancing was woven throughout Myelination. How was it communicating, morphing with the tap? What were the differences? Were there similarities?
  4. Of the three pieces, which did you find most compelling and why?


The Power of Sound and Movement | The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-time

By Annabelle Emuze

What began as a sort of curious confusion turned into my inability to take my eyes of the stage. Latrelle Bright’s direction created a masterpiece.

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