“If you are afraid of FAILURE, you don’t deserve SUCCESS”

The quote above from famous gymnast, Nastia Liukin, describes freshman, Chandler Eggleston’s, career as a gymnast. Despite injuries and his mom worrying about his body, he fought through and his work is paying off. Learn Chandler Eggleston’s story about how he got started with his journey as a gymnast and hear what he brings to the Illini men’s gymnastics team as only a freshman.


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EMWA’s Mosaic Dialogues

A new RSO has been founded on UIUC’s campus called EMWA. They focus on muticultural awareness and ethnic diversity. While filming and editing the shots I captured I realized that I have a strong personal preference for close up shots, especially when  someone is speaking. It seems to me that close up shots make the video more intimate and personal. I’m better learning how to be creative while also using the correct techniques with the camera. At first it was hard for me to combine the two but now I feel as though both elements are working better together. I had a lot of other shots I wish I could have used but check out the ones I chose here.


The life of a graphic design major

For project 5, I decided that my topic for project 4 would be a great beginning, middle and end story to use. I had a lot of fun filming Hailey draw and it waseven more fun to go back and interview her and a fellowclassmate of hers. They were a little nervous to be in front of the camera at first and they admitted that they felt a little awkward but once the interview started, it seemed like all of those nerves went away.  Editing in the lab was pretty easy because half of the project was already done from the previous class. But inserting the interviews and making them floScreen shot 2013-10-09 at 1.24.40 PMw into the rest of the video was challenging. I think my biggest struggle was making sure that they did not look or sound awkward because my project is a very quiet and relaxed video. I felt that adding interviews, especially more than one almost interrupted the peacefulness of the video. Continue reading

The 92s Play Pygmalion


The 92s is a local Champaign band that had the opportunity to play at the Pygmalion Music Festival in Champaign-Urbana for the first time this year. The band was created by lead singer, Dan Durley when he enlisted the help of his friends, Matt Mullen and Rob Marshall. During their performance at Krannert Art Museum for Pygmalion, they were also assisted for the show by a fourth member, Matt Glista, who plays with the band occasionally.

With this video essay, I did things a lot differently when it came to editing than Project 4. Unfortunately, I recorded the interview before I learned during lecture that it’s best to keep the camera on a tripod and have the focus be the same throughout the interview, but I worked with the material I had to make it as viewer friendly for the audience as possible by using different transitions and clips from the the interview, band practice and final show.

One problem I came across in using the audio from the camera was that during the interview, it was quiet at times and then during the performance, the sound was muffled at points because it was such a small venue. I know for next time to bring my recorder to record these events so that I have a clear sound, instead of relying on the camera’s microphone.

Overall, I thorough enjoyed making this video for The 92s. They were a great group of guys to talk to and also a great group of guys to rock out to during their show. As a multimedia journalist, I would like to work with musicians when I get older. I’m glad that I’m learning and making my mistakes now so that when the day (hopefully) I’ll be able to create beautiful art for these artists.

The Perks of a Pool Table, Project 5

Project 4 did not really turn out the way I wanted it too, so for project 5 I was ready to improve. My original plan was to film a philanthropy event because there would be a lot of action and several people to interview.  Unfortunately, I was hit in the head by a baseball bat only minutes after arriving and had to go to the hospital instead of film my project. After arriving back home, slightly concussed with six staples in my head, I was panicking that I wouldn’t have anything else to film. I was laying down on one of the couches in the great room of our house trying to think, which was hard because of the group of people playing pool right next to me. They were being loud, carrying on and having a great time. That is when I decided to shoot the pool table and show how it is more than just a game in our house, but a way to bond and spend time together. This time I kept the camera stable instead of trying to move with the action. I think this improved the quality of the shots that made it into the final product. I did have some trouble trying to figure out how to do a voice over for the final part, but I got it to work. In the end, I was very happy with the results. I think I improved a lot from project 4.

Pool tablee

Check out my project 5 here!

“On the Ice for Life” with Heidi Arntzen (Assignment 5)

Following the success of Assignment four, I was excited to begin working on Assignment five and add in my interviews.  However, I soon found that this assignment would pose challenges that I had yet to face in multimedia journalism. Continue reading

Brother Zed Bingo

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.17.08 AM

Last week I introduced Brother Zed to you. This week he’s back but with some company. Illini Secular Student Alliance, who I touched on briefly in the last video, holds an event called Brother Jed Bingo, where they give prizes for getting Bingo with his most used phrases on the board. These events take place during one of Brother Zed’s sermons and always are cause of some entertaining interactions between the two.

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Behind-the-Scenes of SeeYou Weekly

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.07.52 AM

5…4…3…2…Curious about what goes on behind the screen on a talk show?  Then today’s your day because I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of a new campus organization called SeeYou Weekly!  From a broadcast journalism major standpoint, it is interesting how media production operates and the amount work that goes into a 30-minute show since it’s beneficial for media careers.  But by watching the video, you will find that even computer engineers, like Nandita Venkatesan, enjoy the creative and unique opportunity!

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Hoop Dreams at Allen Hall

I learned a lot from last assignment because it definitely did not go the way I wanted it.  Without the tripod, my shots were shaky and out of focus.  We had two weeks to do assignment 4, so I should’ve had plenty of time to get great shots, but didn’t.

This week, however, I’m proud of what I put together.  For all my shots I made sure to use a tripod.  Also because Ashley showed me how to separate the audio from video shots, I was able to make everything match up finally.  I spent so much time trying to match up the video with the sound I gathered from the audio recorder!  Anyway, it was a fun project to work on because I hadn’t seen Hoop Dreams before and it was a really well done movie.  Filming lasted seven years.  Three hours is enough for me!

I hope you like what I put together and hopefully I improved quite a bit…Assignment 5

Part Time Workers

For my VOSOTVO, I wanted to find out how college students benefited from their part-time jobs. Upon completion, I found out that jobs are very beneficial and they serve different purposes for different people. Some students form better study habits and some jobs lead to careers in the future. Some people might think that money is the motive when it comes to part-time jobs, but others have found out ways to benefit from them. If you want to check out my VOSOTVO, click here.

If you are looking for a job on the U of I campus, you can simply visit the virtual job board or visit the dining services website.