Assignment 5- Breaking a sweat with Bailey

Yes, it’s another football video because sports is awesome. This assignment was a little frustrating because my footage was limited due to media availability for football in not revealing some of their secret plays, but nevertheless, I stuck with my story. I tried to eliminate some of my mistakes from my last project as far as the fuzziness in the background along with the shakiness of my first b-roll. I also used more cuts instead of dissolving, which was another problem I had within project four. Football is difficult filming because there’s so much movement, but with my editing techniques hopefully I can show rather than tell you all the story of the Illini’s upcoming football star in the freshman Aaron Bailey. He is also a broadcast journalism major by the way51134571e90ba.preview-300.

The Neighbors, by Ashley Kordik

Last week I was riding my bike over to film some kids at Carle Park and I was planning to ask them about what they thought of friendship. As I was riding over, I noticed the sun was about to go down, and I passed a group of kids playing a soccer game in the street. When I arrived at Carle, the sunset was shielded by trees, so I quickly rode back to the friendly soccer game to film and interview the colorful bunch of kids.

One thing I learned: interviewing a “COOL” (colorful, outgoing, opinionated, lively) group of young kids is tough. When trying to single them out for interviews, some would become shy and embarrassed, but when interviewing them in a group, they interrupted each other and teased each other about their answers. Now I know that singling them out or interviewing in a group of two at most would accomplish a better result.

I experimented with faster cuts this time to suit the mood of the kids running, and I think it fits the “story” well.

Once again, I had a lot of fun with this assignment. Will it ever stop being fun? (I hope not.)

Until next time-


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Assignment 5: Practice with No Comment

My subject for assignment five was an a cappella group’s practice. The group’s name is No Comment. One of the members told me they are called No Comment because one year they asked people who were trying out for the group what they think the group should be named. Someone wrote “no comment,” and the group thought it was funny, so it stuck. I started the video with their warm-up and ended with the music director’s comments on the groups progress to show a beginning, middle and end.

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 10.16.07 PM

Editing the video went better than expected. I wish my frames were tighter for the interviews. I also chose not to use transitions because I did not think they were necessary, so I hope the video doesn’t look choppy. I had to play around with the sound a lot because sometimes the singing was too loud. I also almost wish I had more time than one minute because I thought I got a lot of good videos. It was hard to edit because I almost had too many videos to sort through. Loading the video to YouTube seemed to take a really long time, so I hope everything looks good when it’s online.

Overall, I’m happy with how my video turned out and glad that I finally shot an interesting subject.

Hoop Dreams Director

I have always wanted to be involved in some sort of documentary filmmaking so I really enjoyed the chance to meet and chat with award winning filmmaker Fredrick Marx. I had a lot of struggles on this shoot. Firstly was how to get the best angle of the Q & A, and how to get great captivating shots in the dark. I think the first step I did poorly, I really did not like the angle I chose. However, I think my shots were excellent, especially those taken in the dark. I wish I had a better sound bite but I will have to improve on that.

Below is the script and video of the Hoop Dreams Director:

Born and raised in Champaign Illinois, critically acclaimed director Fredrick Marks is back at the U of I campus for a weeklong speaker series at Allen Hall.

Fredrick Marks has been nominated for Oscars and Emmys, but for him it all started as a young boy in Champaign Illinois. A U of I alum, Marx is working with Allen Hall’s Unit One for a week long speaker series and viewings of his critically acclaimed and award winning documentary Hoop Dreams.

Hoop Dreams first appearance was at the famed Sundance Film Festival where it one the Peoples Choice for best film. Marx will be on campus till Thursday with tons of opportunities to meet the homegrown director.

Join Director Fredrick Marx at Allen Hall tonight at seven p m for a viewing of his other critically acclaimed documentary, The Necessity For Healthy Rites of Passage for Youths.

UIUC Meat Lab

For this VO I decided to go and shoot the UIUC Meat Lab. One thing that I really wanted to focus on in this script was to match my video content to my script (See it say it). I think I did a really good job of that. One thing I know I can improve on are my leads and tags. I think I got some great footage for this project and I think the script came out very nicely.

The script and story for UIUC Meat Lab are below:

There are a lot of great places on campus to buy food, but there is only one place to get the freshest cuts every Thursday and Friday.

Everything at the U I U C Meat Lab salesroom is grown nearby campus and served fresh from the farm. From T-Bone steaks, to brown and white eggs, all sorts of ribs, and bratwurst for those sausage lovers, every piece of meat is cut and prepared by trained butchers from the university’s animal sciences department.

The University Meat salesroom is one of the best kept secrets on campus and open every Thursday and Friday morning.

The Bell Tower

The Altgeld Bell Tower was certainly not my plan A for this story but it worked out incredibly well and I think the story ended up really great. I always find that I try and push myself creatively as far as I can. This was a great opportunity to play with the audio of this piece and play into the mystique of the bells. Bells are something that are played to notify you of the time of day but are often an after thought. The bells play in the background as people move about and continue there days, At the beginning of my story I wanted to display that beautifully eerie moment of the bells playing in the distance. The second part of my story I wanted to go behind the scenes and see what really makes the bell tower ring. What I found was surprising to me. I had no idea that the bells are played by actual people, and really wanted to show everyone what it actually took to operate the bell tower. I had a great time shooting it and hope that you have a great time watching it. Below you can find the link for my Natural Sound Story The Bell Tower.

Sixth Street Work – Tori Stukins

If you were to walk down Green Street lately, you would find the noise more deafening than usual. This observation gave me the inspiration to do my first official VO on the Green Street construction, or more specifically the closing of Sixth Street.

Over the course of the summer, several buildings have been closed or knocked down in preparation for new construction taking place this school year. The corner of Sixth and Green is feeling the full effects of construction and traffic congestion. In order to make way for a tower crane, Sixth Street was closed from Friday, October 4th to Monday, October 7th.

This closing caused traffic to be backed up, as well as forced pedestrians to choose their walking routes more carefully. Still, the noise and traffic could only keep students and visitors alike away for so long. Luckily, the street opened up Monday night, but there is no telling which street could be next for construction.

Keep an eye on the news for the latest street closing and construction updates! And above all, please be safe whether you are walking, driving or biking.

A video of this story can be found by clicking this link here.

Hug An Atheist – Tori Stukins

I never would have imagined my VOSOTVO assignment leading me to a booth belonging to the Illini Secular Student Alliance (ISSA). They were offering dollar hugs, as well as five dollar group hugs, to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. As the spirited girl fronting the booth said, “All donations go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and every donation is matched up to 250,000 dollars!”

This is the ISSA’s second year running the booth. They got the idea from the Secular Student Alliance’s National event “Hug An Atheist.” Last year, they raised 430,000 dollars, and they hope to match, as well as beat this goal. By the time I reached the booth, they had already been there for at least three hours.

Ellen Andrews, an extrovert and member of the ISSA, stressed that there was more going on here than earning a couple of dollars for sharing a hug.

“We’re doing two things today: that’s fighting cancer by raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and fighting negative stigmas against atheists,” Andrews explained.

Atheists are often ridiculed for supposedly having no “moral compass” or not “giving back to the community.” That is far from the truth. The ISSA holds many awareness and fundraising events and not just “Hug An Atheist.”

You can find my video coverage of this event by following the link here.

From Bad to Good

For this project, we were required to do two things: A VO (voiceover piece) and a VOSOTVO (voiceover with soundbite). I had my story ideas in place, but when it came time to shoot my video, I seemed to run into countless problems. My day of shooting ended with me being sore and sweaty from carrying equipment, and missing a soundbite. It took me until 8 p.m. to gather all my footage (I began shooting at noon that day), and by the time I was ready to edit, I was feeling rather discouraged. Then I entered Richmond Studio.

I found I wasn’t alone in the computer lab, and that many of my classmates (from both JOUR 440 and past classes) were there editing too. And what could have been a very boring, discouraging evening of editing became a social gathering that just happened to include the creation of a VO and VOSOTVO. I successfully finished my stories and bonded with my classmates during what became a very fun night. Below are links to my VO and VOSOTVO, and the scripts for each. Enjoy.

Click here for the VO. Click here for the VOSOTVO.

VO Script:


U of I’s enrollment has gone up significantly this semester, and Champaign Urbana’s mass transit district is noticing the increase in students riding their buses.


CU-MTD sees an average of fifty seven thousand rides per day, but recently, that number has increased to sixty thousand rides per day, and that’s on a nice day. MTD officials say that last month was the third highest month for ridership to date, and that they are concerned bad weather will bring extra people onto the already full buses.


MTD suggests students take an earlier bus to avoid being crowded on popular routes. Planning to take the bus at an earlier time may also be a good idea when bad weather strikes.



We’re eight days into the first government shutdown in seventeen years, and people nation wide are being affected, including U of I students.


Students across campus are struggling with projects that require them to use government websites for data. With the shutdown in full swing, no data will be available until Congress comes to an agreement on the federal budget. Senior in Civil Engineering Alex Schwarz says the lack of data has postponed the completion of his group project.


That project was actually due last Friday, it’s now Monday and we still don’t have it done because of this government shutdown.


Schwarz says his professor gave his group an extension on their project, and that they are just going to wait for the shutdown to end.


Government websites that are down right now include, and, just to name a few.

VO #1 – ACES Council Meeting

Shooting the ACES Council Meeting was probably the most awkward shoot I have done so far. I knew most of the people in the room and they looked at me like I was a freak for carrying in a video camera. This taught me how to instruct people to ignore the camera and continue as if I wasn’t there. It also helped me to know when shooting was appropriate. I shot this at night because that’s when the meeting was, but this did not allow me to get a good shot of the ACES Library from the outside, which I wish I would’ve been able to get. Nevertheless, check out my VO here. First, read the lead (below). Throughout the video, read the script and finish it off with the tag. Enjoy!


The ACES Council had its monthly meeting last night in the Heritage Room of the ACES Library.

Voice Over:

There, they discussed online marketing strategies with Director for Communications and Marketing, Jennifer SHike. ACES Council is an open group for all students with the college. There are representatives from each R.S.O., so it is a great place for students to network.


Their next meeting is November 4th at eight P.M. in the ACES Library. If you are in ACES, be sure to come and see what it’s all about.