Buddy Guy Performs at UIUC!

By Rachel Yao

Buddy Guy performs live at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts at the Tryon Festival Theatre (located inside the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) on September 7th, 2019.

Buddy Guy tickets inside Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

For the first event of the semester, I had the chance to see Buddy Guy perform live. When I arrived at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts lobby, I saw numerous people waiting outside. As I entered the theatre, I saw more and more people pouring in to get seated. I sat on the balcony, which provided a nice view of the entire stage, Buddy Guy, and the background musicians.

The people waiting in the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts lobby
A clear view from my seat on the balcony before the performance.

My first time seeing Buddy Guy was quite an emotional experience. Throughout the concert, I felt a mix of astonishment and joyfulness. One moment that left me amazed was when Buddy Guy used various objects (drumsticks, towel) to play his guitar. Buddy Guy put his guitar on a speaker to let the vibrations create sound. Then, he laid a towel across the fingerboard, and proceeded to use a drumstick to pluck the strings. I have never seen this unique technique before! In addition, I was also amazed by the switch between smooth and up-beat rhythms, and soft and loud singing. This dynamic made each song performed very engaging and interesting to listen to.

Another unforgettable moment that left me astonished was when Buddy Guy interacted with the crowd by walking off stage and into the audience. At first, Buddy Guy was singing at the center of the stage. Then, on the left side of the stage, several backstage crew members exited through the side curtains and lined up next to the stairs that lead offstage. After they turned on their flashlight and shown the light onto the stairs, Buddy Guy proceeded to walk into the audience. As he began walking, people quickly starting standing up, frantically grabbing their phones to film Buddy Guy. The audience on the balcony were all leaning on the edge of their seat, hoping to get a glimpse of Buddy Guy. I, unfortunately, did not get to see Buddy Guy in the audience; however, I did listen to his singing as it grew louder and louder as he got further and further into the crowd.

Overall, I really enjoyed Buddy Guy’s performance at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Though I am not that big of a fan of blues music, I still appreciated each song Buddy Guy performed.

For more info : https://krannertcenter.com/events/buddy-guy

Krannert Welcomes Buddy Guy!

Written by Luke Garza

Stands with various Buddy Guy merchandise.

Buddy Guy came to the Krannert Center for Performing Arts on Saturday, September 7th. As someone who was never a fan of Blues, I had no idea what to expect really. Buddy Guy’s Performance was surprisingly audience oriented and felt somewhat improvised, unlike any other concerts I’ve attended. As someone who has only ever been to larger scale concerts featuring artists such as Shawn Mendes and Maluma, such a performance was both new and refreshing, it had a very unique charm to it.

Outside the Tryon Festival Theatre before the Buddy Guy performance.

Something that definitely stood out to me was the use of lighting throughout the performance. It started out quite normal with the spotlight on the star of the show, Buddy Guy. What really caught me by surprise was when all the lights in the area turned on. The involvement with the audience was incredible, Buddy Guy was constantly asking the audience questions, humoring us with jokes and acts, and even telling us about his own experiences as a Blues artist. He has several parts where we did a sort of call out/response to a few of songs, each time he would urge us to be even louder. I think the highlight was when he made his way through the bottom floor seats while everyone up top instinctively stood up so we wouldn’t miss any of the action.

The packed lobby before some various performances.

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from this event, as I stated before, I’ve never really had any interest in the Blues genre, and seeing Buddy Guy in concert helped to give me an experience I would have never considered seeing on my own. I definitely enjoyed how interactive this concert was, with how charismatic Buddy Guy was. Overall it was a fun experience, however it didn’t particularly remind me of anything as it was so unique.

I feel as if the stories Buddy Guy told us could be analyzed as to get a better view on the life of a talented Blues musician. His interesting life experiences collaborating with other industry professionals are one of a kind, you wouldn’t be able to hear them from anyone other than Buddy Guy himself.

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Amazing Party!!!

Extra Credit

Opening night party at Krannert Center in 2019 with Toko Telo, Bombine, and Samantha Fish with Luther Dickinson.

Wai Chuen Chan

The Krannert Center’s 2019-20 Opening Night Party with the return of ELLNORA|The Guitar Festival held on Thursday, September 05. Exceptional musicians of Toko Telo, Andy Baylor, Bombino, Reverend Robert, and Samantha Fish with Luther Dickinson united as one to bring joy to all the music lovers. Plentiful food and drink from Siam Terrace, Jet’s Pizza, Wood N’ Hog, Rick’s Bakery, and Caribbean Grill to ease your hunger.

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First Post – Buddy Guy

Krannert Center 50: ELLNORA – The Guitar Festival at the Tyron Festival Theatre

Written by Zhengqi Xu

The Buddy Guy is the second performance I ever watched at the Krannert Center. Usually I’m not quite interested in seeing any performances, but Buddy Guy was probably the one that drove me to get started.

The scene outside the Tyron Festival Theatre before the start of the performance

There seemed like hundreds of people in the Krannert Center when I walked in, and as a student who had only been to the building once, I felt really shocked by the comparison with my former experience. Before Buddy Guy, I came to Krannert Center once in the last semester to watch a drama where there were only a few people and the whole lobby was quite like a classroom. Anyway, I was not even sure I came to the right place when I walked into the Krannert Center again last Saturday. The I learned that the building was celebrating its 50 years so several events were hosted during the weekend. Buddy Guy was actually one of the performances included in The Ellnora Guitar Festival, an event featuring all kinds of guitar performances. Seeing all the crowds gathering inside the lobby, I suddenly became much more interested in the show I did not even pay attention when I heard the name of it.

The moment before the start of Buddy Guy inside the theatre with a fully loaded audience
Performers on the stage testing their instruments and other music facilities

I thought every theatre in the Krannert Center were exactly the same until I officially entered the Tyron Festival Theatre, where there were two floors and the stage was much smaller than the one I went for a drama. To be honest, it was hard for me to see the face of any performers on the stage from the place I sat, so I was concerned that the show wouldn’t reach the effect it was supposed to. However, things just turned out completely different when the music started. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of Blues, but I must admit I began to enjoy the show from the beginning. The music was beautiful and I was pleased by the melody instead of all the talking by other people. Not only the performers played the music perfectly, but they also brought up something beyond my imagination of music performance. I was surprised when Buddy Guy was spinning his guitar, playing the guitar with a towel, and trying to make us think the facility was broken. All those factors Buddy Guy put into the show transformed the Blues performance in my experience from traditional to recreational, which had opened my mind that night with the guitar performance.

People leaning forward to see Buddy Guy walk around the theatre

The whole show was excellent towards the end, and I can’t help but enjoyed it that night. Just before the ending when I thought the music’s trend was getting peaceful, Buddy Guy brought another climax for us by walking off the stage and interacting directly with the audience. It was so sad to sit on the second floor because I was totally unable to see him interacting with the audience, but I felt that he surrounded the whole theatre on the first floor and walked back to the stage. Though I did not see him do that, but I did saw that the audience on the front was filming during the performance and their phones were pointing alongside Buddy Guy. I had a wonderful evening that day, and it could be the experience that would always stay in my memory of college life.

After all, I really appreciate that the FAA 110 could give me a chance to get in touch with such a beautiful field which I have little experience with, and I really look forward to learning more about art.

Buddy Guy Spurs The Crowd at Krannert

Urbana-Champaign gets a taste of the legendary blues icon

Written by Edward Huang

A projection against the wall at the beginning of the concert

On September 7th, fans of old and new gathered at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts to watch Buddy Guy perform. Their energy filled the concert venue long before he appeared on stage. Whether they were addicted to his vibe or simply respecting his art, the fans could not wait for him arrive.

The audience eagerly awaits for Buddy Guy to arrive on stage

I would not say that I’m a big fan of the blues, but I do think that there are many unique musical aspects that can only be incorporated into blues music. Before arriving at Krannert, I had never heard of Buddy Guy. Perhaps it was the generational divide, or simply just my own ignorance, but I was unsure of what to expect. I figured that I would at least enjoy the music, because I play the guitar myself. I certainly did not expect to witness the raw power and skill of Buddy Guy, which I know now is nothing short of legendary. He didn’t just play the blues–he lived and breathed it. It was evident in the way that the audience jumped onto their feet the moment he walked into their view.

He began the show with a series of his own songs. There would always be members of the audience singing along with him. Immediately, I could feel that this concert was different from any other concert I’d attended before. Buddy guy treated his fans not like spectators, but like old friends. As if they had been with him his whole life, watching him grow and develop into the blues staple that he is today. Even though I had never heard of him before, that night, I felt like I’d known him for my whole life. He interacted constantly with the audience. There were many songs where he encouraged the audience to sing with him. It was a musical conversation. At some point during the performance, he lifted the house lights, taking the spotlight away from himself and putting it onto his fans. The lady sitting next to me told me that he loved to walk among his audience. I thought it was such a humble gesture, especially coming from such a renowned figure.

At the end of the night, I felt that the concert was time well spent. I can now confidently say that I love the blues. Buddy Guy sparked a new kind of passion within me. He showed me how to appreciate art of music rather than just the technical parts. I know I will listen to his music for the rest of my life.

An eventful and enjoyable night at the Buddy Guy concert

Pat Metheny Rocked the House

The stage before Metheny and his companions took command of it

Pat Metheny left the crowd in the Tyron Festival Theater Room in awe during and after his performance on September 6th, 2019.

Written by Catherine Webber

As a part of the 2019 Ellnora Guitar Festival at the Krannert Center, Pat Metheny performed on Friday, September 6th to a crowd who left feeling amazed by Metheny’s talent. Metheny was joined on stage by a pianist and drummer who added to the electricity of the concert. The other musicians were much younger than the sixty-five-year-old Metheny and Metheny commented at the start of the concert that their age made them make and understand music differently than he did which he appreciated so much. It was a concert that people will not likely forget anytime soon.

The outside of the Krannert Center all lit up for the ELLNORA Guitar Festival

Before attending this concert I had googled Pat Metheny to get myself acquainted with what type of concert I was attending and I read about the custom 42 string guitar that he played, and I was hoping that he would bring it out. I was very happy when he did just that during the concert, but I was not expecting to hear what sounds came from this instrument. I was delighted by the various beautiful sounds that came from Metheny playing this guitar, at points it sounded like he was playing a harp and at others, it sounded like a bongo from the way he was hitting it. Metheny seemed like he was in another world while playing this guitar and it was a privilege to be able to see and hear it in person.

What I liked most about this event was definitely the energy that was in the room while Metheny and the other musicians on stage were playing. Though I was not really aware of Metheny or his work before the concert, I could tell that many people in the audience were ardent fans of his just from hearing how excited everyone was and how busy the merchandise table was before the concert. It was exciting to be a part of that night and witness how eager Metheny’s fans were to hear him play which made my expectations grow, and I have to say they were undoubtedly met. I also really enjoyed the music that came from the pianist and drummer that joined Metheny on stage. I did not even know Metheny was going to be joined on stage so that was a very nice surprise. They added more energy and sound to the night that made it so much more memorable. The three men on stage didn’t even seem like they were working, it seemed as if they were just friends who were jamming together and having a great time making music. I never knew jazz music could be so entertaining, I usually say I don’t like jazz; however, that has surely changed! I had an amazing time at this jazz concert and would recommend Pat Metheny to anyone who asked for some new music recommendations!

Maybe Metheny’s 42 string guitar, or one of his many other guitars, was held in this case!

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