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To Be Continued

James Boyd wears a shirt that says, "UNARMED" in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

James Boyd wears a shirt that says, “UNARMED” in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Up until this point, every journalism class I had taken at UIUC was easy. It all came naturally so I never felt much pressure to get my assignments done. However, this class challenged me from the start and by the end I think it truly humbled me. Continue reading

Assignment 2 Boyd


MarkerLab is located on the third floor of the Business Instructional Facility.

The second assignment in JOUR 215 was to create two photo essays, one without sound and one with sound, using 12 still images. I enjoyed this assignment much more than the first simply because this time around, I had already learned how to work my camera. Having moved past the beginner stages in assignment one, during assignment two I felt like I had a lot more creative freedom and confidence in my work.
When thinking about what topic I was going to do my assignment on, I kept the acronym, “COOL,” (Colorful, opinionated, outgoing, and lively) in the back of my mind. A few days after we discussed the assignment in class, I read an article on beckman.illinois.edu about 3D printing, and since I had never seen 3D printing in person, I figured it would be an interesting thing to take pictures of.
Dr. Vishal Sachdev over at MakerLab was very helpful throughout this assignment, and allowed me to come in and take pictures of the many things going on in the world of 3D printing at UIUC. I really like how my assignment turned out, and I might even be taking a 3D printing class next semester.