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Life is a “Cabaret”

Cabaret is a really popular Broadway musical, based on 1951 John Van Druten’s play I Am a Camera. To celebrate Krannert Center’s 50-year partnership with the school of music, school faculty and students bring their talent and expertise to this ironic work, Cabaret, on March 6, Tryon Festival Theatre.

Written By Bingchen Li

Music in the show

The timeline background for Cabaret is from 1929-1930, the time Nazi still not powered German. A young American novelist, Cliff, traveled to German and try to look for something to write. Before he moved to German, the host for Kit Kat Club performed a “welcome song”, which is composed of three languages, French, German, and English. The host said, “In here, life is beautiful, girls are beautiful, even the orchestra is beautiful… we have no troubles here… leave the trouble outside…” it implied that before world war II, Berlin was still peaceful, and it was an international metropolis that lots of people from other countries come and go. Also, it set a very important background for the Kit Kat Club, it is an indecent but popular cabaret.

Warm-up rehearsal before the performance
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50 Years of Entertainment

Written by Maty Patino

It’s not easy staying alive for 50 years.

Photo by Maty Patino

My mom would always tell me that growing up gets harder as we progress in life. However, I don’t think it was really hard for the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts to grow. As time went by, I know they grew better and better. This is proven through the fact that there was so many people at their anniversary that there was points in which it was hard for us to walk through at the Krannert. There were people of all ages, gender, ethnicity, and probably religion too. The best part of all this is how people come together at one event to celebrate a huge accomplishment.


Photo by Maty Patino

Photo by Maty Patino

Whether it’s acting or not, it was beautiful to see how much the artists themselves enjoyed what they were doing. They were dancing around, interacting with the people while still performing, and making everything seem joyful. I do not play any instruments, but the way the first performance went made playing an instrument look so easy. It was exciting to see all the enthusiasm these artists portrayed.

Photo by Maty Patino

Photo by Maty Patino

There was dancing on the floor and on stage. Again, all these artists showed that they were having the time of their life. I think that is the beauty of art. The artist get to portray exactly what they want. Interpretation may change by the people, but they know exactly what they want the audience to feel. Because I felt joyful, along with many others, it is why the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts has been successful for 50 years.