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Saxophonist: Wilson Poffenberger

By: Jeffery Berry

The Lead act of Today’s Performance

Today’s performance was very soothing and peaceful. It was a good way to celebrate Krannert’s 50th anniversary. It was amazing to see and listen to the piano and saxophonist play together. The dynamics and pace of the songs were composed with great difficulty, but the preparedness of these performers made it seem extremely easy.

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50 years of Magic and Creativity

…and going with an actress made it all the more special!

By: Daniel Corry

Colleen posted on the post it note wall about her achievements in Krannert as well.

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Going to the 50th Anniversary of the Krannert Center was a truly special night. I went with a friend of mine who is pursuing an acting degree as well, so getting inside scoops along the way was a fun addition. The thing I personally took the most interest in was this post it note wall. To celebrate 50 years of the Krannert center, there was a wall covered in sticky notes full of stories that have happened within the beautiful building we call a home away from home: funny moments, memories of opening nights, first dates! My friend had the honor of writing “first graduate of the new BMA lyric theatre degree” and it was an awesome moment for her, and a cool opportunity for me to be a part of.

On a broader scale however, I really enjoyed watching all of the donors, alumni and current students come together in a shared passion for the arts, and that really came through in this presentation. I think I would have lost some of that if I cam alone rather than with my friend, but regardless, the night was a beautiful ode to arts and creativity, and the passion was palpable throughout the walls that night.

When I hear music, I see unison.

Written by Andrew Duran,

This past Friday my class and I went out to celebrate the 50th Anniversary for Krannert. All throughout the night I witnessed moments I truly enjoyed of passion, joy, and a general aura of togetherness that stemmed solely from our common interest of music.

The night kicked off with high energy as a band performed a sort of dance routine while simultaneously playing their individual instruments. It was a performance like no other as the crowd that surrounded them danced along and reciprocated the energy that was given.

Photo by Andrew Duran

On the left, a picture is posted that perfectly encompasses the vibe of the performance.

If you look at the man with the saxophone and the trombone player in the background, it is pretty obvious that they have love for what they’re doing.

That love and passion they possessed for their art was felt throughout the performance and made that experience all the more enjoyable.



The event possessed separate areas we were allowed to explore and in a separate section a jazz ensemble was performing. However, as amazing as the jazz performers were, it was not them that caught my attention. In the corner, a gentleman and a lady were dancing to the music that was playing with not a care in the world that they were the only ones on that floor.  Continue reading

Dream of Krannert-50th Anniversary Celebration

Written by Tim Gao

Krannert Center was established at September 7th, 1968. Yesterday was its 50th anniversary and there was big cultural exchange eventat night for celebration.

Photo by Tim Gao

Mucca Pazza

Photo by Tim Gao

The event officially starts at 6:30 p.m. with the amazing celebration kick off performed by Mucca Pazza. The whole orchestra is dressed up like a group of nutcrackers with delicate clothes. This is a special group, which was not performed on the stage. They were performing among the crowd and trying to interact with the people around them. Their passionate performance  led the enthusiasm of people in the center. More and more people were getting closer to the crowd  and started dancing around the orchestra because of the brisk and active rhyme. The kick off was so impressive that makes people hard to forget.

Ranky Tanky

Photo by Tim Gao

The second show i watched was performed by Ranky Tanky in front the Foellinger Great Hall. Ranky Tanky is the band from South Carolina, which performs the timeless music of Gullah culture. The music is very rhythmic and the whole band is lead by the singer. The music cooperates with the colorful neon lights, makes the atmosphere of the  Krannert Center becomes extremely attractive and active.



There were many other wonderful performances in different sides of the Krannert Center. Meanwhile, people were enjoying the delicious food and immersed in the beautiful music.

Photo by Tim Gao