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The Best and Worst Class: Reflecting on a Semester’s Worth of Work

Alicia Lee 

603564_10151572599276878_1015918015_n (1)

Five months ago, coming into this class, I was very excited. Up till now, the only journalism classes I have been taking focused on the written part of journalism. The inverted pyramid, the history of journalism, storytelling, etc. were the only things I knew of journalism. This was my first class that exposed me to a new medium of journalism: multimedia. Multimedia journalism helps the viewer not only read the story, but through video, photography, and audio, be able to see and hear the story.

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A Changing World: Technology in Elementary Education

Alicia Lee

That’s Not How I Remember It! 


Students in an elementary classroom

When I went to elementary school, there was a whiteboard, an overhead, one computer for the teacher, and rooms with big, clunky computers lined up for us to use once in a while… But now, when you walk into an elementary school classroom, it seems as if you are walking into the future.

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How-To: Make Pumpkin Bread

Alicia Lee

A Quick and Easy, Delicious Fall Treat 


The leaves are changing color, the air is getting colder, the clothes are getting thicker, and that could only mean one thing… Fall is finally here! Fall is the favorite season of many people because of Halloween, the fashion, etc., but it is my favorite because of the food. Once fall hits, everything pumpkin flavored comes out including pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin cookies, etc. Many of those things may be difficult to make. However, in this video, I will teach you how to make the most simplest fall treat, pumpkin bread. It only takes a few ingredients, which many of us already have at home.

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Assignment 4: Life of a Youtube Beauty Guru Reflection

Thinking of Ideas 

When we first received this assignment and Professor Collins showed us examples within class, I immediately thought of my friend, Rachel Chen. Rachel is a Youtube beauty guru and has been making videos since her high school years. I wanted to do a profile of her within m379242_529476263739463_1348739922_ny video and I had this completed image in my head of what my video was going to look like. However, things never turn out the way we want them to turn out, do they?  Continue reading