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Alma Mater Nearing Completion: Statue Set to Return Sometime in April

A two-year absence of the Alma Mater statue at the University of Illinois will be over at some point next month.

Before the restoration

Before the restoration

What was supposed to be a nine-month procedure turned into a much longer and much costlier project than expected. Complications in the preservation forced the workers to conduct a much more in-depth procedure. In addition, the original estimate was $92,000, but the resulting cost was $360,000, nearly four times that amount. This is being paid entirely via donations to the Chancellor’s fund.

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Don’t Judge a Statue By Its Color: Alma Mater’s Color Doesn’t Represent What Students Think


The Alma Mater’s post will be empty until she returns in April.

Her long-awaited return may finally be over; the Alma Mater is scheduled to return to her post on Green and Wright streets in April.

She is celebrated “as a benign and majestic woman in scholastic robes, who rises from her throne and advances a step with outstretched arms, a gesture of generously greeting her children.”

Students are relieved to have the Alma Mater’s familiar face back. Her post seemed empty without her.

Her face may not look the way many remember. She was returned to her original bronze color, rather than her recent greenish color. The new color sparks emotions of fear of change and tradition. Continue reading

Stressing About Your Post-Grad Life? — There’s Still Hope!

Students–Past and Present–Dish on All Things Graduation

Right now, U of I seniors might be excited, shocked, sad or baffled by the fact that graduation is on its way. Regardless of how seniors are feeling, May 18th 2014 is right around the corner…..

Photo from:
UIUC Engineering Online Student Portal

This year, about 8,000 students (myself, Natalie and Gino included!) will be saying goodbye to their undergrad careers. While this might seem like an overwhelming thought to many, there are a lot of things seniors can do to secure themselves a great job after graduating.

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