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The Power Found in Strings

Written by Andrew Duran,

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to experience my first style of quarter. This moment was something that was a bit foreign to me so, walking through the aisle to grab my seat, I did not know what to expect.

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Puppets with a POP!

Written by Andrew Duran

This past Thursday night, I had the opportunity to attend No Blue Memories-The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks. This performance was beyond anything I could have expected and displayed a style of puppets that was creatively outstanding.

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A Transformation Through Dance

Written by Andrew Duran,

A ticket to transformation

Going into this performance, I was pretty pumped to enter the world of dance since it is a true passion of mine. I didn’t know much about this performance but it was something that I was excited to figure out as the night went on.  Continue reading

My First Opera Experience

Written by Andrew Duran,

Last night, I had the pleasure of being at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts to witness my experience my first opera. If I were to be honest with myself, what I walked in expecting was a single singer that was center stage and for it to be a pretty dry time. However, the second that curtain rose any worries I had disappeared the moment the first act begun. Instead what I experienced was pure emotion, love, laughter, and togetherness.  Continue reading

The Colors of Chicago

Written by Andrew Duran,

Image by Andrew Duran

Being raised in the city of Chicago, you begin to pick up on the colors that the city begins to depict. The sound of late night trains screeching to a stop and the feeling of a current bouncing in between two large buildings is unique to the city.

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When I hear music, I see unison.

Written by Andrew Duran,

This past Friday my class and I went out to celebrate the 50th Anniversary for Krannert. All throughout the night I witnessed moments I truly enjoyed of passion, joy, and a general aura of togetherness that stemmed solely from our common interest of music.

The night kicked off with high energy as a band performed a sort of dance routine while simultaneously playing their individual instruments. It was a performance like no other as the crowd that surrounded them danced along and reciprocated the energy that was given.

Photo by Andrew Duran

On the left, a picture is posted that perfectly encompasses the vibe of the performance.

If you look at the man with the saxophone and the trombone player in the background, it is pretty obvious that they have love for what they’re doing.

That love and passion they possessed for their art was felt throughout the performance and made that experience all the more enjoyable.



The event possessed separate areas we were allowed to explore and in a separate section a jazz ensemble was performing. However, as amazing as the jazz performers were, it was not them that caught my attention. In the corner, a gentleman and a lady were dancing to the music that was playing with not a care in the world that they were the only ones on that floor.  Continue reading