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Gem of KCPA

Written by Ashleigh Cox

Ticket for Thursday’s performance

Gem of the Ocean is a play written by August Wilson that was performed at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts on Thursday night. The characters of Aunt Ester, Black Mary, Citizen, and Eli entertained the audience and the set gave the story an almost eerie mood.

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It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye…

Written By: Quintionna Parks

Farewell to FAA 110

FAA 110 has led me to some great performances. I was able to broaden my knowledge as well as my creativity in only one semester. I was given opportunities that aren’t easy to find on this campus. Every trip to Krannert Center for the Performing Arts was FREE, as well as entertaining. You can’t get that just anywhere. This class gave me the opportunity to see such a wide range of performances as well as artists. Everything that I experienced this semester will be remembered far beyond college. I may not have loved every single thing that we went to see; however, everything was a new and different experience that I will remember.

Overall, this semester has been pretty amazing. I loved being able to attend these events and experience some new things on campus. This was definitely a wind down type of class where you could just enjoy being in the space. I’ll miss FAA 110 and everyone in it.

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Black Woman Magic Meets the Arts – Renee Baker

Baker, Renee. Composer. Retrieved from

Renee Baker is who the Chicago Symphony Orchestra describes as a multi-disciplined engineer. She is a visual artist, filmmaker, composer, violinist and re-contextualist. I had the pleasure of hearing her give insight into the beautiful mastermind behind her masterpieces. She showed a clip of her film Borderline and described her work for the film as being a composition of instruments the audience would least expect. What most amazed me about Renee Baker, though, was her unapologetic personality. Not only is she dominating the arts with her multi-disciplined talents, she is proud in her Black womanhood. She is aware that minorities are not welcomed with open arms into her field and is brilliant anyway. At the end of her lecture she told the class there will always be misogynists, there will always be bigots, no matter who you are there will always be someone in your field who will set out to make you feel smaller – be great anyway.

My New Experiences with the Arts

Written by Bill Xun

I had an awesome experience with FAA110 this semester. I had previously only seen one show at Krannert before, and it was a symphony orchestra. Though this class, I found out and got to experience so many different types of the arts, from puppets to quartets to different art exhibits across campus. I went to nine events in total:

Krannert’s 50th Anniversary!! 

Photo by Bill Xun

Breaking Limbs at the Krannert Art Museum

Photo by Bill Xun

Marcus Tardelli: Master Guitarist

Photo by Bill Xun

Describing A City With Art

Taken by Bill Xun

Comedy at the Krannert Center

Taken by Bill Xun

A Night at the Opera — La Bohème

Taken by Bill Xun

Emotions through Strings

Taken by Bill Xun

A Fully Immersive Puppet Show

Taken by Bill Xun

An Afternoon of Strings

This semester definitely opened my eyes to new types of art that I’ve never even thought about seeing before. I found out so many cool types of events that I’d never thought I would enjoy, like puppets, and even some performance art. I will definitely be on the lookout for new events on campus and off campus in the future. There are already lots of events at the Krannert Center that I  am for sure going to next semester. I loved the discussions we had in class, about some background info on the performance we were going to see, or talking about our opinions and hearing everyone’s unique thoughts and creative thinking. Thanks to Dr. Collins and Dr. Robinson for an amazing semester and guiding the class towards a huge variety of different arts.