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Assignment 1 Schmitt

Assignment One is officially in the books, and I cannot wait to see where this Multimedia journey takes me! I really enjoyed this project because I was given the creative freedom to take pictures and videos of whatever I wanted. For me, I was able to shoot all of my images in my apartment building, which has 24 floors. I felt as an artist that there were enough objects and scenes to explore right at my doorstep. In my high school television class, I was able to use a camera very similar to the one I was given in this class. With that being said, this project gave me the opportunity to brush up on my past skills, and learn new ones, as well. I am by no means an expert photographer or videographer, but I love learning and cannot wait to continue to develop and improve. Continue reading

Assignment 1 Corso

Before I began the getting to know my camera assignment I was very overwhelmed and nervous about the whole process. Not having any background about cameras was my biggest concern but I soon realized that was the whole point of the assignment. Walking around campus I encountered new places I have never seen before. This assignment achieved the goal of helping me understand how to use my camera while opening me up to new scenery around campus. My video can be viewed here.


Flowers outside Union

Assignment 1 Welch


Fuzzy Turtle

When I first started this assignment I thought the hardest part would have been using the camera without a tripod because I am naturally a very shaky person. However, after completing the project, I now realize that was the least of my worries. There were times when it took me 15 minutes just to get the camera to focus. I also had trouble deciding what to take pictures of. The Quad was easy so I plan to challenge myself in the future.

The editing process was difficult because I never used Adobe before. I was very behind during class and it stressed me out, but in the end I was able to complete the assignment. After watching the video on YouTube I realize my video shots are not the proper size, but now I know what to look for and figure out how to change it for the future. Now that I know what I am doing, I feel confident the next assignment will go a lot smoother. My video can be viewed here.

Assignment 1 Mroz


St. John’s Catholic Newman Center

This was the most overwhelming homework assignment I have ever had. I think my friend in the class is about to block my number from his phone, since I have been texting him with so many questions. It was also rough timing for me because this assignment landed on a weekend when I was very very sick. I got out of bed for a total of four hours. This time combined for me to shoot my pictures and videos and then go to Carle urgent care.

Though I struggled with this assignment, I really do think it was a good start to the class. Now I know what it is going to take in order for me to succeed. Hopefully I do not get sick again, but I do feel like I am a lot more familiar with my camera. I love photography and videography, and I think I am going to really enjoy the projects we are assigned in this class.

My video can be viewed here.

Assignment 1 Reflection – Helmuth



What’s a memory reader? Hard-drives are external? We have to use a Mac? Oh no. Walking into Jour 215 was like walking into a completely different world. I have grown accustomed to my PC and have only ever known print journalism.  That being said, when we were assigned our first project, I was extremely nervous. I was out of my comfort zone, and I thought my lack of expertise would put me behind.

I was mistaken.

It was so refreshing to know that there were other students in the class who were in the same boat as me. When we were handed our camera bags, I was at a loss for words. At some point in time, I was going to have to use every single piece of equipment in the bag. It was unreal. For this first project, we were required to use the hand held camera and the tripod. We were supposed to take a variety of still photographs and small videos in order to get familiar with the equipment. Baby steps, I told myself.

Over the weekend, I got a chance to really examine the camera and figure out how it worked. I had to Google how to take a picture on it, go figure! After I got through that minor rut, everything started making sense. I made a trip to Hessel Park and took the majority of my still photographs there. I ended up relocating and doing the video portion outside the Undergraduate Library on campus. It took me roughly 25 minutes to figure out why my tripod would no longer fit snugly in my bag after I was finished. After I completed the assignment, I started to feel a bit more confident. My images and videos weren’t the greatest, but the fact that I managed to get them successfully was a miracle to me.

Jour 215 is definitely going to be a challenge for me, but I’m excited all the same. Former student, Steven Bardwell, was in a similar situation as I am. When he began the class, he had very little experience with cameras and video. Unlike me though, he was warned ahead of time that the professor would push him to his limits as the course progressed. He knew what he was getting into, and had a positive attitude when he approached the class. He ended up excelling, “I have grown exponentially in my producing, shooting and writing abilities that I know will transfer over with me into my field of work after graduation.” Now that I am fully aware of what is expected of me, I intend to do the same.

If he can do it so can I.

Assignment 1 Gibson Reflection

Assignment one was both a career defining and thought provoking project for me. After reading Lauren’s blog on the assignment I learned that I would know all the basic fundamentals of video recording and editing on a deadline. While she enjoyed the project and learned a great deal from it, it also helped her to see the true essence of the class and what she truly enjoyed doing. The same goes for me. Continue reading

Ohmer Assignment 1: Learning the Equipment

What comes to my mind when I think about the University of Illinois.

What comes to my mind when I think about the University of Illinois.

Before coming into Journalism 215, I felt pretty comfortable with my capabilities in multimedia. I have previously taken courses in high school and college that have advanced my skills in this aspect of journalism, so I did not feel too nervous at first. However, like most of my classes, when I saw the syllabus, read about all the assignments, and came to class for the first day, I became sort of anxious about all of the work that I had to look forward to. After taking a deep breath and relaxing for a little, I was able to refocus my attention on what mattered most: learning and improving. No matter how difficult or challenging things could get in this class, as long as I try my best and put in the maximum amount of effort, I am sure that I will leave the classroom with valuable experiences for the future.  Continue reading

Getting to know our new equipment

Before this assignment, I assumed all cameras were made equally.

Day shotBut I was wrong. I own a Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera, a somewhat amateur device, and I shoot recreationally, focusing most of my time on still photography. I don’t have any experience with shooting videos, however, so I was excited that, for this assignment, I would be getting the opportunity to try out some new equipment made specifically for shooting videos. Continue reading

Reflection 1 Nolan


Last class I was assigned to read James Pender’s blog posts. I found his reflections to be reassuring because he was just as unfamiliar with the equipment and software as I am. I was glad to hear at the end of the semester how much confidence he gained in video editing and camera usage. Like James, I thought I was in over my head after attending the first class, but I decided to stick it out.

For our first assignment we were required to take various shots and videos on our cameras to make us more familiar with the equipment. I initially looked on YouTube for tutorials on how to use the camera. That was really helpful.  I decided to shoot in my apartment and at my sorority house. My room mates have dubbed me “Steven Spielberg”.  We then used Adobe Premier to create a video to upload to YouTube. I’ve never used the program before but Professor Collins was great about giving us step by step directions and I caught on pretty quickly. I’m at square one and it can only go up from here. I feel so much more knowledgable, and it’s only the second week of class.

My final video can be viewed here.


Assignment 1 Fortin



After completing the first assignment the biggest thing that I realized is that I have so, so much to learn about multimedia. I went into the project thinking that an assignment based around getting to know my camera would be extremely easy. In short, it wasn’t. Instead, the assignment was challenging, yet fun and informative at the same time. At the end of it all I came out with a better understanding of the camera I will be using for the rest of the semester, a better understanding of the video editing software and a better understanding of how to do multimedia journalism. I also took some pretty cool photos, like the one above, and I made a pretty cool video too.

Continue reading