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Assignment 1 Lerner

Shot of Foellinger Hall

Shot of Foellinger Hall

Our first assignment went better for me than I was expecting going into it. As a sophomore I have a good amount of experience in broadcast journalism, but almost all of it is in front of the camera. I’m really excited to start gaining more experience behind the camera so that I can become a more well-rounded journalist overall. I was assigned to read a blog done by former student, Carl Rosenberg, and it seems that we shared the same sentiment after the first assignment. As Carl did, I enjoyed using a high quality camera for basically the first time. The other thing that really excites me is beginning to dive deeper into the editing process, which will be crucial to be in my career. Assignment 1 was a pretty good start and I’m excited to learn a lot more about multimedia, take a look at my work!

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A Day in Chicago with Helen: Assignment 1 Reflection

Nothing like Downtown Chicago!

By Senait Gebregiorgis

When I first received the camera I was expecting to get an actual DSLR camera instead. I was like “What the heck am I going to do with a mini camcorder? How do you even take pictures with this?”

It was Labor Day weekend so I decided to go home to Chicago and bring my new friend (the camcorder)  along with me. Thankfully, I was able to have my older sister Helen, to help me figure out how to work the camcorder.

We decided to go to downtown Chicago since I felt like that was the place that had great scenery to capture. My sister and I literally stood in the middle of Michigan Avenue for about fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to view the photos on the camera after taking them. Finally, after experiencing with it, I was able to resume in my picture and video taking adventure. I discovered that I love taking pictures more than video taping. After gathering all of the required still and video shots, I continued to walk around downtown and take more random still shots.

One of the struggles I was having with my video shots was with the zooming in and zooming out. For example for the “Zoom in 5 seconds pause zoom out 5 seconds hold” I didn’t know how fast, steady or slow I should have zoomed. Or with the “Tilt up for 2 seconds..pan left for 2 seconds…” I was kind of struggling with how fast or slow I should tilt and pan while recording.

After a long day exploring downtown Chicago with my backpack full of film equipment, I deserved a treat! (Better yet a meal). After the waiter placed a delicious sandwich on my plate (as seen on the video shot) I decided it would be perfect for the tight/textured shot. My little brother’s plate of pizza however was better than my plate, which is why it deserved to make it on the still shot list. Food is a great example of tight/textured shots because when looking at the shots, you can almost feel and even taste the food in your mouth.

After gathering all of my shots, I must admit the most hardest part thus far was editing the entire video. It was one of those days were Adobe Premiere refused to be my friend, even though I was really nice to it. However, after experiencing with it, learning trial and error and making several mistakes I was able to be successful at the end. Asking questions when in doubt or when you’re just simply confused is really important to remember. If I had not asked Professor Collins or even my peers for help, I definitely would not have completed assignment one successfully. A lot of things were learned doing this assignment, and I know I will learn a lot with every assignment that comes. That’s why I look forward to improving each time along the way.

*Drum roll* …… Check out my first art piece here!



Chicago Sunset! Oh how I wish I took this picture ^_^ But I will one day!

Pender Reflection 1

Our first assignment of the semester required us to take a variety of still shots and videos from all different angles and times of day. This was a good way to both get familiar with the new cameras as well as give us an opportunity to get some hands-on experience. We then came into the classroom to upload all of our pictures and videos and put them all together through Adobe Premier. I accidentally purchased the wrong media card reader, so I had an issue right away. Instead I downloaded each picture to the desktop and inserted them into Adobe from there.

This was my first time using Adobe Premier so not everything was clear at first. After a few minutes of exploring things began to get easier. Even after uploading my whole project to YouTube, I am still not completely familiar with all of the tools in Premier. I am hoping that as we continue to use Premier that everything will start to come easier and make more sense.

While I still do not know everything there is to know about our cameras and premiere, I definitely know more than I did a week ago, so the progress is there. I am hoping that as each week passes, I can continue a few new things each day, and eventually have a firm grasp on the program.

My final video that I uploaded can be found here.

Assignment One Reflection

Assignment One was fun getting to mess around with the camera and getting a variety of shots around campus. I really like how this video camera takes pictures as well. At work we have to haul around huge cameras to film sporting events, so having a tiny camera was a nice change.

One thing I had a bit of trouble with was the touchiness of the zoom button. Trying to zoom in smoothly without accidentally bumping the tripod was challenging. Also, next assignment I need to remember to fasten my camera onto the tripod tighter. I noticed that some of my shots were slightly tilted to the left because of how the camera was fastened on.

Thankfully this mini project helped me learn from some of these mistakes so I can make my next project even better!

Click here to see my Assignment 1

Ralph Cooper- Assignment 1 Reflection

My first multimedia assignment has been frustrating to say the least.  Taking the  pictures was fun and I really enjoyed getting used to my new camera.   The hardest part was getting used to editing my pictures and creating a slide show on Final Cut.

Even though this assignment did not go as smooth as I expected it to I know theres no place to go but up from here… Right?? Cant stop now though, Ill keep fighting forward!




Assignment 1 Preis

I’m fairly sure I just finished my first assignment, though I fear I missed some of the requirements. I had a really hard time learning FInal Cut Pro at first, though now I have a decent handle on it. I’m mostly having trouble adjusting to this kind of learning environment, where new concepts are being explained while I’m working on a deadline. I had to go back and change things a lot, making the work process really inefficient. I’m sure I’ll adjust soon, I just think I would learn better if I saw the concepts before I attempted my own project. I think my final product is alright, but I really had to rush to get it in on time.

Assignment 1