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WE ARE ONE- Barakat


The recent travel ban from Donald Trump has had a great impact on students and people in general. A few people from around the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign express their thoughts on the ban.

The recent Executive Order or “travel ban” initiated by President Trump has had quite a stir on people all over the country. It briefly didn’t allow Muslims from seven specific majority Muslim countries into the United States. It has since been appealed by an appeals court, but President Trump plans to make revisions to it and initiate it again. As of right now, Muslims from the seven specific countries can travel to the United States. It has lifted some burden off of the shoulders of people who are from these countries or know people from these countries. However, many people are still afraid and don’t know what to expect with Trump’s revisions to the ban. Some think he may eventually go after other races and ethnicities as well. In spite of all this controversy, there has been protests and rallies all over the country. Especially at Universities like the University of Illinois. Here is some sound from one of the rallies held on the University of Illinois campus and some feedback from individuals who are dealing with people impacted by the ban. Continue reading

A Family Meal – Schmitt

The Varsity Room Staff serves over 700 meals a day to athletic teams at the University of Illinois.

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Varsity Room serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to varsity athletic teams at the University of Illinois. 250 athletes make their way over to the small cafeteria in the southeast end zone of Memorial Stadium for each meal.

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You are Not Alone: Rally Against Rape Culture


Photo courtesy of The Daily Illini.

Illinois students are stepping up to send a powerful message.

The Rally Against Rape Culture was held Friday on the Main Quad where speakers talked about ways to end rape culture and sexual assault on college campuses. They also spoke about supporting survivors and how to report a sexual assault.

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I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

By assignment 4, I made a little discovery about myself that I feel has had a long time coming: I have no idea what I’m doing. I have no idea how to get a good angle, how to get the right sound, how to create a narrative structure, how to splice together different clips so that the video and sound balance, or how to make an actual video altogether.


Michelle has no idea what she’s getting into.

I had no idea what to do for my video essay.

So what did I do? Well, I decided to take all these frustrations and reflect them in my video essay instead of doing something creative or feature-like or worthwhile or, you know, good.

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More than a Game


Students playing basketball at the ARC

Students playing basketball at the ARC

Assignment 4 went a lot better than assignment 3 did for me. For one, I actually completed it! After I had sorted out my media card problems, I was ready to get to work and make up for my lost assignment. Continue reading

Preparing for #1 Penn State

Filming gymnastics presented many challenges.

Filming gymnastics presented many challenges.

I can’t even begin to explain my relief in completing my assignment 4 video. There were so many things about this assignment that I did differently which made for a much easier editing process than the last assignment.

I now feel like I’ve settled into a groove and have become exponentially more comfortable with Adobe Premier. It also doesn’t hurt that the software on the classroom computers worked with me this time instead of against me. Continue reading

Going Green at U of I

Flyer for the Go Play Go Green event featuring the  Recycling Education Vehicle -  Illini Union Website

Flyer for the Go Play Go Green event featuring the Recycling Education Vehicle – Illini Union Website

The Coca-Cola Recycling Education Vehicle came to U of I to help teach proper recycling habits to students.

The University of Illinois was host to the Go Play Go Green event with Coca-Cola and Campus Vending. The workshop took place on the Illini Union Anniversary Plaza, just on the edge of the Illinois quad. The Coca-Cola Recycling Education Vehicle served as an interactive opportunity for students to learn more about recycling and sustainability. Students were able to learn the details of what happens after you throw away your plastic bottle into the recycling bin, and what their new recycling and sustainable habits should be.

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