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Art and Nature- Li

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People working on their Ikebana at the Japan House on Saturday morning, March 4, 2017.








A combination of nature and humanity: Ikebana.

Ikebana in Japanese refers to the arrangement of flowers and it is an important element of the Japanese tradition.

The Japan House on the University of Illinois campus is known for holding events in hoping to bring the Japanese culture to the community. The events include the tea ceremony, Calligraphy workshop, Girl’s Day celebration, etc. One of these events is the practice of Ikebana, the art of arranging flowers has been practiced for more than 600 years. Once in a month, people would come in to participate in the Ikebana workshop. Continue reading

Coffee Break

Tis the season of midterms, cold weather, and warm coffee.

Here at the Illinois campusscreen-shot-2016-10-13-at-10-30-02-pm, coffee is all the craze. No matter what coffee shop is your favorite, you can find most students rely on their daily cup. Whether it’s because we’re busier or because new types of coffee have become more popular, young people are drinking more coffee than ever before. If I’m getting you in the mood for a warm latte, watch my video package hereContinue reading

Take Me out To the Ballgame- How To Throw Different Pitches


Me showing the grip for a 4 seam fastball, and looking like a bad-a**



“Ah shoot,” I muttered to myself as my tripod toppled to the ground.

You see, I grew up my entire life playing baseball, more specifically as a pitcher, so I’ve been around the block a few times. However, it has been about a year since I’ve thrown a baseball, and, well… my tripod got to feel the full blunt of my rustiness after my fastball took out one of its legs, and now it’s more of a dipod so to speak… Continue reading

A quick, cheap meal for a college student


A box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Making dinner on a budget

College students, no matter the time of the month nor their financial situation always seem to be skimping on food. Cutting back on daily nutrients isn’t good for any reason so instead of missing meals, college students should eat smaller, less expensive items, like macaroni and cheese, supplemented with bigger meals throughout the day.

While I won’t say that the quick and easy meal of macaroni and cheese will save all the problems of what to eat while in college, I will say that mac ‘n cheese is a cheap way to replenish the calories that easily escape your body.

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Dapper Up For Spring

Learn to Tie a Bow Tie

Look dapper for any formal event with a proper bow tie

Look dapper for any formal event with a proper bow tie

With springtime right around the corner, people are starting to turn their thoughts towards flying kites, picnics and walks in the park. After months of nothing but snow and ice, everyone is ready to embrace the warm weather. Not only do outdoor activities become more popular, but it’s also the season for formal events. Continue reading

Treating Yourself Right

Beat the heat with this sweet treat

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.19.47 PM

It’s time to open up your taste buds to the cold, refreshing taste of a root beer float.

The sweet, refreshing taste of an ice cream float has floated around since the late 19th century. Although the primary inventor of this beverage cannot solely be identified, there are numerous theories as to how this chilling beverage transformed into a summertime favorite.

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Curing a case of the Hiccups!

How To: Stop your Hiccups

Mia Reggi Assignment 5

Can’t stop those inevitable hiccups that pop in day-to-day life? Learn how to rid them quickly with some quick easy tips in my how-to piece! Hiccups can come up in daily life often unexpectedly and in public. It is useful to have a number of ways to stop them before them can become irritating or disruptive.

When first coming up for an idea on what to do my how to piece on I had some difficulty choosing just one thing. There is an area where we could show a bit of our personality as well as creativity. Because hiccups are something that nearly all people have experienced or will experience more than once in their lifetime I thought this was both a newsworthy and suitable story because it it a relatable topic that I could have some fun doing.

One technique to curing hiccups!

One technique to curing hiccups!

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Let’s Bake Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

Never too old for Cookie Monster!

By, Senait Gebregiorgis

Cookie! Yum Yum Yum!

Cookie! Yum Yum Yum!






For my How-To-Piece assignment I decided to do cookie monster cupcakes. (Cookie Monster is from Sesame Street, one of my favorite childhood shows!) I’ve been wanting to make these type of cupcakes for the longest now and since Halloween is around the corner I thought it would be a great idea to make them. I’ve been looking at Pinterest photos, and recipe websites for inspiration and decided to conduct it with the steps I chose.

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