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Babies Love Books

Babies are adorable. They become even more adorable when they are singing and dancing.


I visited the Champaign Public Library for a session of their Babies Love Books program. Last semester, my beat focused on literature in Champaign-Urbana. I took this opportunity with assignment 5 to explore babies who are learning the fundamentals of reading.

The library makes it fun for babies to learn how to read with songs, dancing and props. Continue reading

An Exciting Suspense


University of Illinois Students anxiously wait after Ellen DeGeneres told students to be on the quad for a surprise.  If I haven’t learned anything else in this class so far, I’ve learned the importance of having a Plan B. 


For Assignment 5, I set out to cover  “One Winter Night” a benefit for Homeless people in the Champaign Urbana area. 

 After shooting a few things, I realized the quality of the video was not good…It was at night time and I found myself having trouble with making it work.
When I learned about the Ellen DeGeneres Surprise, I immediately thought I could go to the event for Multimedia.