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How To Make An Italian Pasta Dish

Mangiare La Pasta

Pasta is one of the most well liked foods in the world. I eat pasta occasionally, so I chose to do my “how to” assignment on how to make a nice Italian pasta dish. This dish will include mostcacioli, ravioli, meatballs, and homemade pasta sauce.

The Final Dish

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Matcha Crepe Cake DIY- Li


Craving for some Japanese dessert? Click here to find out how to make matcha crepe cake with chef Emma!

Homemade matcha crepe cake made by Emma Li on March 25, 2017.

For assignment 6, the How-To video, I decided to do mine on making matcha crepe cake since me and my friend, Chi Tran, have done it before. The steps are really easy to follow so the video is a great opportunity to show people how to make a Japanese style dessert at home. What are you waiting for? Shall we get started?

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Learn to glove!


Gloving is the first creative outlet I’ve ever felt truly connected to, I’m so glad it found me. I hope it can do the same for you!

Gloving is a new LED-based performance art that is bringing street dancers and flow artists together in a whole new realm of creativity. Born out of the rave scene, some have labeled it controversial because it looks as though it encourages drug use. However, in recent years, gloving has become an art form unto itself, as new styles are continually developing, and mastering them can take years. As of now, there are roughly tens of thousands of glovers as well as an annual International Gloving Championship, which gives the art form legitimacy and pushes glovers to innovate.

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All Hands on Deck, Keeping that Academic Stress in Check


My roommate, Angel, stresses out at the amount of homework that needs to be done.

Stress levels rise as students deal with constant pressure from piles of homework, extracurricular activities to go to, work that needs to be done and everything else school-related. As college students, there is plenty on our minds. But one thing we shouldn’t have to worry about is the negative effects stress can have on our health and well-being.

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Hiccups? No thanks!

In assignment 6, I decided to go ultra simple for my how-to video: how to cure the hiccups.


While playing Cards Against Humanity, Cristina got the hiccups. She used my three step trick to get rid of them.

Hiccups are common to just about everyone, and it seems like there are a million different ways to cure the hiccups. I decided to share my trick after failing with many others. I learned this one in the middle of a meal at Steak n Shake, and it worked right away.

Generally, hiccups are not dangerous. They can frequent between four and sixty hiccups a minute. That means you could hiccup once a second, which could be painful! There are some medical conditions that cause more serious and long-lasting hiccups that may need treatment. These include but are not limited to anorexia, meningitis, kidney failure, and heart attacks. Continue reading

Planning a Glove Shoot

So the cat’s out of the bag – I’m a glover! Gloving a really cool new dance form and it’s an amazing creative outlet for me and thousands of other people around the world. If you’ve never seen it, check out the EmazingLights Youtube Channel to see how the pros do it.


My buddy took this picture of me one night when I was practicing.

Anyway, I’m going to be teaching you all how to perform a move called a “whip.” It’s simple in concept, but actually very difficult to do well, so I thought it would be helpful to break it down. It looks awesome when you get it right! So here’s the storyboard for the video I’ll be presenting on Wednesday.