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The Final Stretch to the Top: Illinois Mens Track and Field- Assignment 7

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Assignment 7 was not as difficult as the others were with all of the experience that I’ve gathered over the course of this class.

The tough part was getting the story to the point where the quotes and the narration told the story well enough to create an image in the heads of the listeners. One thing that i did realize is that the way you tell the story matters a lot, no matter if its interesting or not.

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LEGACY Trivia Night


Trivia teams deliberate over the answer to their next question (Photo Credit: New York TImes)

College of Business Seniors raised $500 Monday night by playing trivia at Firehaus

This year’s College of Business LEGACY Senior Giving Society decided against giving a class gift. Instead, they’ll be contributing to the College of Business Annual Fund, which is a discretionary fund that goes toward scholarships and transitional programs for first-generation college students. Every year they put on 4-5 events to raise money, but Monday night’s Trivia night was their most successful by far. Around 100 students attended, raising just over $500 for the cause. Everyone was having a ton of fun since it was St. Patrick’s Day and there was free food.

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Don’t Judge a Statue By Its Color: Alma Mater’s Color Doesn’t Represent What Students Think


The Alma Mater’s post will be empty until she returns in April.

Her long-awaited return may finally be over; the Alma Mater is scheduled to return to her post on Green and Wright streets in April.

She is celebrated “as a benign and majestic woman in scholastic robes, who rises from her throne and advances a step with outstretched arms, a gesture of generously greeting her children.”

Students are relieved to have the Alma Mater’s familiar face back. Her post seemed empty without her.

Her face may not look the way many remember. She was returned to her original bronze color, rather than her recent greenish color. The new color sparks emotions of fear of change and tradition. Continue reading