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Assignment 1 Sullivan

I do not consider myself a photography novice. When I was seven years old, my dad gave me his old Minolta film camera from the 70’s, and he taught me to shoot with it. I still use it to this day. I have also worked with iMovie; my friends and I made a documentary together when we were seniors in high school. To my surprise however, I found this first assignment quite challenging overall.
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Assignment 1 Sims

First impressions I thought this assignment would be easy peezy. However as I began to work the equipment on my own I quickly realized I would be in store for something more challenging.



I believe that everything could’ve went wrong for me definitely did from the shooting to the editing process. I couldn’t figure out why my images weren’t saving to my SD card and during editing my files formatted strangely. However I was able to successfully achieve this assignment through the help of Dr. Collins. I kid you not you MUST have your multiple plans on deck because things will go wrong.

I’m just so glad the assignment is finally over, though I look forward to my growth through the skills we’ll inquire in multimedia this semester. Assignment showed me that I have to work on getting comfortable with my tilt and panning skills. I have to get a feel for the camera and the tripod, which i found setting up myself to become a bit confusing.

My video can be found here

Assignment 1 Musolf


From below the McFarland Carillon

The first day of Journalism 215, I’ll be honest, I was terrified. I have little to no experience with things like this. I have a smart phone and have used iMovie about once. After reading Joseph Gelman’s blog from last semester, I found that I was not alone. Gelman was also nervous and unfamiliar. His blog, found here, showed his similar apprehensions.

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Assignment 1 Holloway reflection


The snow on the Illini Media balcony

The snow on the Illini Media balcony.

Ever since I found out that multimedia reporting was a required class for journalism majors, I have been excited. I’ve been obsessed with making my own videos and spent countless hours watching YouTube videos. I’ve spent so much time around the medium, I thought I’d have no trouble at all. I was wrong.  Continue reading

Steven Bardwell Assignment 1 Reflection: Collins

It is finally complete.. the first assignment of journalism 215 and the beginning to a semester full of multimedia.  Dr. Collins assigned this photo/video project in order for us to get more accustomed to our new cameras.  I have only used cameras for school projects a few times, so being able to ease in to this new device will make for smoother future projects.  I enjoyed being able to check out all the features of the camera while also shooting different aspects of the area I live.  A mixture of close-ups and wide videos made this assignment challenging, but at the same time enjoyable.  A couple of the video shots took a while to line up along with myself having to get used to the sensitivity of the zoom and rotation of the camera.  Shooting did not take as long as I initially had thought, but seeing all my photos afterwards made for a satisfying feeling.  After the shots, it was time for the splicing of images/video in Adobe Premiere which was completely new to me.  I got the hang of it and actually had some fun adding transitions and fitting all my work into one continuous video.

Here is my finished project for assignment one, overall it was a good experience and I am now more experienced not only with my camera but with our main editing program Adobe Premiere.

Amanieh Assignment 1 Reflection

The extent to my camera use before this assignment was my lovely iPhone. I hadn’t touched a digital camera for more than five years, and needless to say I was jumping into this class blind. I approached the course with optimism, even though I knew there might be some technological bumps down the line. I am excited to finally begin learning the components other than writing that go into multimedia reporting.

Once I received my equipment, I immediately started to familiarize myself with it. It was no surprise to me that initially, I couldn’t find the record button even after looking at the online manual. I enlisted the help of a close friend who immediately pointed it out and questioned my capacity to complete the rest of the assignment. To his surprise, and mine, I was able to successfully shoot and edit, as well as upload the completed project. However, there were some key lessons learned during this assignment.

I made sure to take several shots extra than what was asked for. Some shots looked fine when I viewed them on the camcorder, but then when I uploaded them I favored some over the other. In my opinion, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Take more than asked for because you can always go back and delete the extras. Next lesson pertains to timing. I definitely overestimated the two seconds that I was supposed to pan left or pan right. Seconds go by quick, so make sure to have a stopwatch nearby to make sure you are accurate with timing. I thought I would be able to go back and edit out the extra seconds in the middle of the shot. Unfortunately, that is not possible. I learned my lesson that when the shot is taken incorrectly there is no way to fix this later on.

Once my shots were taken, I then went to view my shots from my sd card on my computer. I went ahead and selected the shots which I wanted and got rid of the extras. This was good thinking on my part, because it took up a good amount of time to go through and select the shots. This saved time for me to focus more on the editing process in class.

Take a look at my completed assignment 1 here.

Cavanagh Assignment 1 Reflection

Assignment 1 is almost complete! While I wait for my video to upload to the class YouTube account, I feel some weight lifted off my shoulders. I was a bit nervous while both shooting and editing, only because I have limited experience working with a camera and editing video. Overall, assignment 1 seemed to go well! I enjoyed working with the camera and doing the editing once I got the hang of the camera and Adobe Premier. Seeing everyone else’s finished videos has been fun, too.

I decided to shoot some flowers and items located outside of my house, which made this assignment convenient. It was neat to actually take the time to look at these beautiful plants and scenery that I walk past everyday without really noticing. The pictures I took ended up turning out pretty well. As for the video, I had some trouble figuring out the best way to zoom and pan right and left without shaking the camera too much. I think I need to screw the camera in tighter into the tripod so my shots are less shaky. Timing on some of my frames is off, too. To help with my timing, I believe I just need to get used to shooting and counting out the seconds while recording. When I was recording for this assignment, I was more focused on getting a good shot than my timing. These are skills I’ll have to continue working on as JOUR 215 demands more video footage. I’m definitely excited to increase my skills in shooting and editing throughout the semester.

Check out my first video here!

Assignment 1

For Assignment 1, I did not encounter any major issues. I used this as a learning experience and played with a few different settings on the camera. I really wanted to take pictures of things outside, but it was too cold for me to go out. I decided to find a few things in my apartment that I thought would appear nice in pictures. IMG_6277