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How The Road Not Taken Became My Main Path


My Multimedia Story

A photo of myself.

At first I was scared, anxious and unsure about multimedia. I walked into the class never having used a video camera and could barely figure out how to set up the tripod. Professor Collins had an upbeat and extremely positive attitude about the class. I walked out of the first class session feeling a little less nervous, but still knew this was going to be a class that pushed me. Looking back, I could not be more thankful to have had this class. It pushed me in ways I had never expected. After tedious hours and tears (yes, I cried). I grew more confident with each assignment.  That positive attitude became contagious. By the last assignment I was excited and could not wait to get started and put my project together. As corny as it sounds I have grown as a student, professional and as an individual because of this class.

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