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Fear and Hope in Gymnastics

Gymnast Rae Balthazor mentally prepares to begin her bar routine at the Pink Meet on Jan. 29.

Hi there! This assignment challenged me in many ways, but my biggest struggle was coming up with a story idea. I will admit, after I finished Assignment 1, I peaked ahead to look at this upcoming project. I was so excited to see another opportunity to take still photographs in a photo essay. However, when I arrived in class, I quickly learned this assignment had an additional requirement that was announced by Professor Collins.  Continue reading

It’s actually over: Jour 215, it’s been real.

img_0543(Me and Sharon Cooper, Sandra Bland’s sister after her visit to class)


Wow, Journalism 215 “Multimedia” is actually over. As I sit here writing this, it’s amazing to look back and realize that this semester has gone by so fast. Over the span of these 16 weeks, I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot including how to use a digital single lens reflex camera, (DSLR for short), how to create an audio package, and especially how to make a story out of limited resources. It means so much to me that I feel better prepared for my career as a broadcast journalist because of Dr. Collins’ class this fall. As you continue reading, you will get insight into what my experience was like this semester:

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It’s The Climb – Final Reflection Leahy


Here’s me! With some gum (ew).

3 months, 6 assignments, 1 group project, and 1 semester later, and I’m finished with Jour215. What a journey it’s been! Starting out as a little sophomore, I had never done anything multimedia. I remember receiving my camera bag and being terrified – what do I even do with this thing? But I knew I wanted to work hard and learn a lot.

After only one year of journalism, I was (and still am) not sure exactly what I want to do with my career. So I knew the more I knew (broadcast, video, writing, etc.) the better off I would be. So I set out with my camera bag into the sunset. Continue reading

How to do laundry like an Adult

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-4-49-26-pmAre you that struggling college student who secretly doesn’t know how to do their own laundry? Or that freshman who put hand soap in the washer instead of detergent? Or just have no clue where to begin?

I’m here to help.

I’ve found that so many of my friends and fellow students in their attempt to be an “adult” actually do laundry all wrong. For a simple how to on the subject, watch my video hereContinue reading

Coffee Break

Tis the season of midterms, cold weather, and warm coffee.

Here at the Illinois campusscreen-shot-2016-10-13-at-10-30-02-pm, coffee is all the craze. No matter what coffee shop is your favorite, you can find most students rely on their daily cup. Whether it’s because we’re busier or because new types of coffee have become more popular, young people are drinking more coffee than ever before. If I’m getting you in the mood for a warm latte, watch my video package hereContinue reading

“Homecoming Dress Drive” Assign 4- Smith


My Sister’s Keeper flyer to advertise their first annual Homecoming Dress Drive (via member’s Tierra B Instagram page). .

Homecoming is right around the corner so I’ve decided to do my audio piece on a student led homecoming dress drive! 😀 The organization, My Sister’s Keeper, from University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign’s campus is the brains behind it. They’ve decided to put on the drive to help girls that are from lower income background and who could not afford to look pretty on their special day otherwise. I thought this was such a great idea!

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Critique of Fangi Liu (Casati)

Arts program with Tashi Kyil Tibetan Buddhist Monks

Hey Fangi, I thought this was a really cool idea for a story. I enjoyed the way you started off, however I thought it could have been stronger if you put nat sound in for your introduction and conclusion. For me personally, I thought that the nat sound made a big difference in my own project and I thought it could help yours a lot as well. Also, I liked that you had nat sound in your interview. It helped set the scene which seems to be really important in these audio packages. The one thing I was wondering about though, was who we were speaking with in the interview. It didn’t seem like you introduced your interviewee, and the story was interesting so I wanted to know who we were talking to! Overall it was well done and a nice story. Thanks for sharing!

Audio Pkg reflection: Casati

For this assignment, I went out to get audio coverage of the Crazy K marathon. I had no trouble getting the interviews or nat sound… that was even my favorite part. Afterwards, while writing the script, I had trouble making it conversational! I think that it was a bit stiff (as I am a news ed major) and thought that something to work on in the future is making my broadcast stories more interesting and lively. I also struggled with putting it in a certain amount of time… I had too much footage and I think I was talking too slow in the introduction parts. I also wasn’t sure how to upload to sound cloud, so I improvised and put a few pictures in to make it multimedia and youtube worthy. Overall, it was definitely a learning experience and I look forward to figuring out more in the future.

The mudslide at the marathon.

The mudslide at the marathon.

Car X Crazy K Audio PKG

Getting Dirty with the Car X Crazy K

On Saturday September 19, the Champaign County fair grounds got a run for its money, as more than 6,000 runners participated in the fifth annual Car X Crazy K marathon, an event that donates to more than 40 charities. Continue to the audio story here 

More information on the Crazy K marathon can be found here.


The mudslide obstacle at the marathon.

CampusCenter Project Brings Business to UIUC Campus

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.43.11 PM

Front of CampusCenter. Source: News-Gazette.

What used to be a 131-spot parking lot just a year ago is now a hotel, apartment complex, 175-car parking garage, and 11,000 square feet of retail space. Construction on CampusCenter began in 2014. With the opening of the Marriott TownPlace Suites hotel and CampusTown Apartments this August, many surrounding businesses have benefitted.

FlatTop Bar and Grill is one of the many businesses who has seen an increase of business because of the hotel guests and more available parking.

Follow the link to hear FlatTop Manager Jenn Riddle and servers on what it’s been like working since the opening of the hotel.