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Final Reflection – Goethals

My favorite still shot for the first assignment – textured shot.

When I started this semester, I was very nervous about this class. I had never used a nice camera before and have no background knowledge about editing, photography, or making videos. Writing is really more of my forté, so this class sounded like a challenge. I think all of that is pretty evident in my first project, when we were supposed to get to know our camera. I had no idea what to shoot, and it didn’t even occur to me to make my videos of things that were actually moving (something, in hindsight I probably should have figured out, but I was already feeling like a fish out of water). I remember taking a 5 second video of the wall and thinking to myself “I’m not sure what purpose this is serving? But I’m pretty sure this is what Professor Collins said to do? Must be something about video that I don’t know about?” But I did, however, end up getting a couple still shots that I liked out of the project, which took me by surprise. Continue reading

The French Corner – Assignment 4 Goethals

For this project, I was initially stressed out about finding sources and putting together a complete package. After I did my first interview, I went to the actual even, Pause Café, and accidentally recorded over everything I had just done. The source from the first interview was not available to talk to me again before my deadline, so I had to think on my feet and find a different source. Needless to say, after that I was much more careful with my recorder.

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