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Assignment 1: The trials and tribulations of a first-time multimedia journalist

I left class JOUR 410 on January 22, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with a backpack full of equipment, prepared to tackle assignment one. A trip to Best Buy was all that stood between me and my induction into multimedia journalism.

After I purchased my supplies, I headed out to take the type of videos and photos requested of me, not without obstacles. And though I doubted myself in the beginning, I had less trouble completing the assignment than I’d originally imagined I would.

One minor problem I encountered was the weather. By the time I got my supplies, the temperature had dropped below zero degrees and the sky was grey. The conditions didn’t make for an ideal shoot, but I did what I could.

In terms of my work, I was happy with the way my still shots turned out and less pleased with the videos I took. Even with the tripod, I had a hard time keeping my camera steady, especially while zooming and panning. I did my best, but I know I still have a lot of improving to do.

When it came time to edit, I also had a very hard time with that. FinalCut was hard to navigate. I did my best, but felt very lost and crunched for time. At least I made deadline!

Here’s my attempt at assignment one.