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A Tale Without a Head Reflection Eaglin

This story was very fun to complete. I enjoyed the full package experience, but my arrogance with editing got in the way again! I was pushing deadline but I think I made it (in the voice of Marvin Sapp).

I could improve my b-roll as far as adding different programs of the center because I know they offer more than just the food for the soul. I did cover some of the Academy of African American Arts rehearsal, but my technology broke on me in the last hour and I didn’t get a chance to import it. My whole computer did not want to work at all. I did enjoy my soundbites though.

My schedule is very hectic, and it is usually either working or trying to catch up on sleep. The education-life system I believe is very unfair.

College students literally have to kill ourselves to be successful.

A Tale Without a Head


Courtesy of Google.

The Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center, also known as B.N.A.A.C.C. and the Black House, is operating without a director. The old director Rory James left last August after an appealing offer from Indiana University. Two of the center’s professionals are talking about the past with Bruce Nesbitt as the director vs. now with the vacancy. Viewers and listeners will hear about how the center used to be with Bruce Nesbitt as the director. His daughter Val Nesbitt spoke to the issue.

My B-roll consists of different shots of the center’s program Food for the Soul that happens every Wednesday at noon at 51 E. Gregory Dr.

B.N.A.A.C.C. operates as a safe space for all groups of people but primarily African Americans in the C-U and U of I communities. Students, staff, and faculty use that space to make partnerships, find advocates, and gain life-long friendships.

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