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Support A Friend🖼🖌🎨-Makeup event

Written by Bria Thurman

Kenneth Bivens, the creator of the artwork, told me his art was to represent the forgotten stories, the stories that have been thrown away and given up on. His art shows the mix of black culture that doesn’t get enough respect.
In The NEW GENESIS, WE’D ALL BE KINGS BY Kenneth Bivens. This was my favorite piece from the gallery.

The Myths of KUTULIZA GHASIA. I was blessed to go see a friend’s artwork on December 5th at The Union. It was nice to see the world through a friend’s eyes. His use of superheroes and 90’s basketball references seem like a good representation of his personality. I have never been so lucky to see a friend’s art exhibit so when I heard about this opportunity I jumped at it. His use of city and environment was organic and elevated the fiction of black heroism.

The Omega Beams Next Time by Kenneth Bivens. I am a big fan of The Flash so I especially enjoyed what this means.

I am not sure how many art pieces there were but I enjoyed all of them. As a fan of comic books and comic book movies and tv shows, the importance of black superheroes weighs on my mind. I am pretty new to the comic book world and I am always looking for new comic books to read and I rarely am able to find comic book characters that look like me. There were photos inspired by The Flash and the rainbow bridge in Asgard, the superhero Thor’s home.

Show us the Way by Kenneth Bivens

I was able to speak with the artist about why he made the decisions to use wooden boards for his different works. He told me it was to look like the art had been discarded; as if the stories were “not good enough.” I thought that was an interesting choice and I am happy I asked about these choices because it gave great insight into the entire purpose of the art and into what he was trying to achieve. It seemed as if he was a historian for stories of the past and brought them to light for those who were unable to see there existence.

Assignment 2 “Black Life at a P.W.I” Eaglin-Daniels

Assignment two was definitely a fun one! I enjoyed coming up with different concepts on how I should go about capturing a good claim through photos. I had so many ideas in my head, but I came to a conclusion to show my people in a different light and respect compared to the mainstream ideas people have about us. We had to create a video project with and without sound to show how our audio enhances our pictures, especially adding natural sound. This assignment is one for the books. I am bonding more with my camera, and I, actually, have the eye trick Professor Collins told us about down packed. My shots look better when I use that tip.

Matthew at the Academy of African American Arts rehearsal on Tuesday night.

Daniels at the Academy of African American Arts rehearsal on Tuesday night.