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The Other Side of Unofficial, Williamson Blog

While most students at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana were preparing alcohol, speakers, solo cups, and other things most recognized for their essence in good-spirited, and sometimes wild, partying, a few members of Koinonia Christian Cooperative House were preparing themselves to try to help others on the Friday so commonly associated with wild partying and binge drinking, also known as Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day. You can read about the origins of the holiday here from the University Archives.

Members of Koin, as it is termed by residents of the house, set up a table each Unofficial, on the corner of Fourth and Daniel, nearby the house, to give out water and snacks to people going out and partying on Unofficial, or even just students passing by going to class. The uncommon practice has raised a lot of questions, according to residents of the houses, but Jake Schyvinck, one of two Koinonia House Social Chairs, say that it’s pretty simple.

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NIT provides road experience for young Illinois basketball

My nat sound is from the Big Ten Tournament.

The Illinois men’s basketball team waits for Michigan to inbound the ball in the quarterfinal of the Big Ten Tournament on Friday.

The Illinois men’s basketball team will be playing in the NIT starting on Wednesday. I went to the Big Ten Tournament this weekend, and I went to media availability on Sunday night following the team’s selection to the tournament. I also went to practice on Tuesday to get more quotes for my story.

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