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Multimedia Memories: A Glimpse of the Future

Photo taken from google images.

Photo taken from google images.

Walk with me through my experience as a student in Professor Collins’ Multimedia Journalism class where I discovered new and honed existing skills. 

Day one of Multimedia Journalism 410 with Professor Collins was not the first time I had set foot in the multimedia lab. I remember back in March of 2012 when I came to the University of Illinois for Mediapalooza as a prospective student. It was in this lab, as I completed a fast-paced task involving iPad apps, that I decided to apply to the media college. Continue reading

“How to: Kiss and Fall Makeup with Benefit Cosmetics”

Benefit Cosmetics products

This assignment has to be my favorite so far. I really feel that I am getting the hang of not only handling the camera but also editing with Final Cut Pro. Follow the steps of my “How To” and you will have a fresh fall makeup look! Continue reading