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Assignment 2 Kaufman

I decided to focus my photo essay¬†with sound on food around campus. After completing assignment 1 I became more comfortable with my camera. I feel that for this project I was able to be more creative. I went around campus and documented food that I ate and saw throughout the week. Firehouse’s Mac and Cheese Burger is a favorite of mine as well as Insomnia cookies! I found I was able to get more interesting angles within my photos because of my prior experience. I also enjoyed this project because I was able to be original in the topic I decided to photograph.


A variety of cookies on display at Insomnia cookies on campus

I found that my sound did not connect to my project. I now understand that for the future I need to be more creative and find contributing sound that works with my photos. I prefer my “no sound” version of my project because the focus remains on the food. This motivates me to focus my next project on capturing sound.