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Assignment 1 Li

Hello, this is Emma from Taiwan. Ready to find out how I felt about the first assignment of JOUR 215? Let’s start then!

Assignment one gives me the opportunity to make good use of tripod and to really concentrate on the subjucts by being attached to the equipment like I
was a part of it. For instance, I was almost lying on the ground in order to capture the stiff texture of the tiny rocks and wood pieces on the soil.
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Langhorne Reflection3 (assignment4)


Cream +Flutter


Heres why I chose to do my Video Essay at this Bakery.

In this assignment I visited a bakery in downtown Champaign. I always see it in passing while commuting to work and I’ve always wanted to go in. I decided that this would be a good place to ¬†get B-Roll as well as an actuality. I walked in and I was immediately greeted by the Customer service Manager Hann. She introduced herself and then started telling me about the products they sell and the services that they offer. I asked her to shoot some footage and to do an interview and she said yes! I also got to try some desserts.



Lemon Blackberry Cupcake

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