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The Ending of a Great Beginning

BY: Darnisha Dunning

I took FAA 110 because a friend told me it was a good class. It is my last semester at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, so I wanted to try something different. this class opened my eyes to different genres of music. I have never been into classical music unless it was to go to sleep. Most of the performance was interesting and some not so much. I did not make it to all the required performance however I made them up with different ones. Over the course of the semester, I made a blog post after each performace.

Here is a list of my favorite performances from best to worst.

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Motion and Stillness – Williamson


Having finished Assignment 3 (which you can check out here) in J215 it’s a good time to take a step back and look at everything that I have learned so far. I was thinking when we were doing this assignment about how much about video and sound editing I had already learned, even with just one assignment that involved the two. I’ve learned things I never would have imagined myself learning, and I’m so thankful for that. It’s been fun, as well as incredibly educational. I learned a lot about the equipment I’m using, as well as to have confidence in my own self and the images and video that I take. Sometimes even when you doubt yourself, the project turns out good in the end!

My Assignment 3 was titled “Motion and Stillness”. The project was a Video Essay, so very similar to Assignment 2, just with all videos instead of pictures.

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Best in the Midwest – Blanco


I-L-L….I-N-I! Go Illini Go!

On a surprising warm afternoon, I decided to go out and shoot how great our campus is. I wanted to make a campus tour video to show each and everyone that the University of Illinois is the “Best in the Midwest”.  While I took my tour while I was in high school, it amazed me how nice our campus is. The point of this is to express how grateful I am to attend an institution like this and encourage others to apply and attend as well.

Picture of the Bell Tower on Gregory Street

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Mastering Multimedia


A photo of myself.

When I received the Journalism 215 syllabus in my email during those last few weeks of summer, I instantly felt a little overwhelmed. It was 14 pages long. Senior year shouldn’t be stressful, right? How was I going to survive this semester? I was a writer not a videographer, photographer, or designer.

As it turns out, I am all of those things.

It just took some time. I had to check my pride a lot. Often times I had to use plan B, plan C, or even plan D when plan A didn’t work out. In the end this class was a very humbling experience. Looking back at all my assignments I’m so proud of my visible progress. I’m actually sad to be finished with this class. That is something so rare for me. It really did feel like a journey.  Continue reading

Assignment 1 Avilez


Simba Pillow Pet

“Why won’t this start recording?” I asked myself as I repeatedly pressed the photo shutter button. It took me two days to realize there is a separate button to take videos. That was however the purpose of our first assignment. It was meant to allow us to get acquainted with our camera equipment.

When we first received this assignment I wasn’t too worried about it because I own a Nikon DSLR so I’m familiar with the basic settings of this type of camera. I won’t lie I thought I was ahead of the game. Needless to say this assignment was a humbling experience.

Getting the still shots went pretty smoothly, but the videos took some work. After watching a few youtube tutorials I finally found the video record button. I also had some problems with focus when working with the record function. I particularly had difficulty with the pan left and right shots. My focus kept going in and out and you could hear my tripod moving in the recording. Once I got the hang of everything finding places with good light to shoot was fun. I took some shots around my apartment to practice and then I walked to a nearby park to get some natural light shots.

The editing process was much more stressful to me than the actual shooting. I had never worked with Adobe Premiere before and I am kind of a slow worker. I started to get stressed because most of the class was way ahead of me. I worried that I wouldn’t finish the assignment by the end of class especially when I noticed some of my shot were not the correct size. With the help of one of my classmates however I caught up.

After completing assignment one I feel much more confident in the editing process. Now I want to work on my focus issues when filming for assignment two. I also want to plan better for the editing process by choosing the exact shots I want to use before getting to class. I look forward to seeing my progress in these blogs throughout the semester. My video can be viewed here.

Assignment 1 Corso

Before I began the getting to know my camera assignment I was very overwhelmed and nervous about the whole process. Not having any background about cameras was my biggest concern but I soon realized that was the whole point of the assignment. Walking around campus I encountered new places I have never seen before. This assignment achieved the goal of helping me understand how to use my camera while opening me up to new scenery around campus. My video can be viewed here.


Flowers outside Union

Amanieh Assignment 1 Reflection

The extent to my camera use before this assignment was my lovely iPhone. I hadn’t touched a digital camera for more than five years, and needless to say I was jumping into this class blind. I approached the course with optimism, even though I knew there might be some technological bumps down the line. I am excited to finally begin learning the components other than writing that go into multimedia reporting.

Once I received my equipment, I immediately started to familiarize myself with it. It was no surprise to me that initially, I couldn’t find the record button even after looking at the online manual. I enlisted the help of a close friend who immediately pointed it out and questioned my capacity to complete the rest of the assignment. To his surprise, and mine, I was able to successfully shoot and edit, as well as upload the completed project. However, there were some key lessons learned during this assignment.

I made sure to take several shots extra than what was asked for. Some shots looked fine when I viewed them on the camcorder, but then when I uploaded them I favored some over the other. In my opinion, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Take more than asked for because you can always go back and delete the extras. Next lesson pertains to timing. I definitely overestimated the two seconds that I was supposed to pan left or pan right. Seconds go by quick, so make sure to have a stopwatch nearby to make sure you are accurate with timing. I thought I would be able to go back and edit out the extra seconds in the middle of the shot. Unfortunately, that is not possible. I learned my lesson that when the shot is taken incorrectly there is no way to fix this later on.

Once my shots were taken, I then went to view my shots from my sd card on my computer. I went ahead and selected the shots which I wanted and got rid of the extras. This was good thinking on my part, because it took up a good amount of time to go through and select the shots. This saved time for me to focus more on the editing process in class.

Take a look at my completed assignment 1 here.