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Cavanagh Assignment 1 Reflection

Assignment 1 is almost complete! While I wait for my video to upload to the class YouTube account, I feel some weight lifted off my shoulders. I was a bit nervous while both shooting and editing, only because I have limited experience working with a camera and editing video. Overall, assignment 1 seemed to go well! I enjoyed working with the camera and doing the editing once I got the hang of the camera and Adobe Premier. Seeing everyone else’s finished videos has been fun, too.

I decided to shoot some flowers and items located outside of my house, which made this assignment convenient. It was neat to actually take the time to look at these beautiful plants and scenery that I walk past everyday without really noticing. The pictures I took ended up turning out pretty well. As for the video, I had some trouble figuring out the best way to zoom and pan right and left without shaking the camera too much. I think I need to screw the camera in tighter into the tripod so my shots are less shaky. Timing on some of my frames is off, too. To help with my timing, I believe I just need to get used to shooting and counting out the seconds while recording. When I was recording for this assignment, I was more focused on getting a good shot than my timing. These are skillsĀ I’ll have to continue working on as JOUR 215 demands more video footage. I’m definitely excited to increase my skills in shooting and editing throughout the semester.

Check out my first video here!