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The Complex Dance of Virago-Man Dem

Virago-Man Dem, a production performed by the COCo. Dance Theatre, was performed live at The Dance Center in Columbia College at Chicago and made available through Vimeo.

Written by Willa Wu

The composer of this production, Jason Finelman, sought to explore the complexities of black masculinity through the expression of dance.  Throughout this production, he adopted a relatively quiet and mysterious style to dancing.  

Four dancers silently standing in the beginning of the dance.
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The Windy City

Many people think that Chicago got its name due to the weather, but that is not right. Chicago, “The Windy City” was initially used by the Cincinnati Press and then later used by Chicago Tribune in 1876. I was raised in Chicago, and the history is never ending.

Written by Maty Patino

Photo by Maty Patino

History is so pleasing, but even more when it has to do with place or person you truly care about, in this case Chicago. There is so many amazing people who come from the city of Chicago. This city is full of art and artists. Any way you turn, there is art. Art in murals, art hanging, art as a building.

Photo by Maty Patino

People themselves are because everyone is so different and unique. Everyone has such a different style that it makes each and one of us a piece of art created by the biology of the universe. Each individual provides the world with something. Whether it is the art itself such as buildings, paintings, drawings, landscaping, or even love in which you just feel.

Photo by Maty Patino

Thinking about Chicago can make some of us feel melancholy. But, looking for something related to our city can always make us feel better. As I walked through the Krannert Art Museum, I realized how much of the history I did not know. Moreover, I started to reminisce my days in Chicago and how much I missed it. I started to think about my way to downtown, and how the city itself is art, whether it’s the graffiti, the huge Moose Bubblegum Bubble by Jacob Watts or the Willis Tower.

Thank you to the Krannert Art Museum for filling our hearts with joy as we see the art that they hold by our beloved city artists.

Photo by Maty Patino

Describing A City With Art

A collection of diverse pieces of art representing Chicago at the Krannert Art Museum

Written by Bill Xun

Taken by Bill Xun

Between The Buildings: Art From Chicago, 1930s to 1980s is currently on display at the Krannert Art Museum. It’s amazing to see each artist’s individual perspectives and how they choose to represent the city that they live in. Some choose to use photos; others use sculptures, paintings, and all sorts of abstract art. Collectively, the entire exhibition gives viewers a summary of Chicago as a whole through a collection of pieces.

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Expression of Chicago

Written By Tim Gao

Photo By Tim Gao

Highlighting the artworks from Chicago-based artists, the exhibition, Between the buildings, unfolds the stories and spirits buried in history. The historical background of Between the buildings is interesting. In last century Chicago, many artists working in isolation, producing creativity, diversity, and personal aesthetics. However, the artists could hardly find opportunities to exhibit their works. Thus they collectively exhibit with students in art schools, forming the idea of Chicago School.

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Different Perspectives, One Goal

Living in a community where there are so many people unlike yourself can be hard. However, having the same drive to be great and see beauty in the world around you is what brings the people of Chicago together.

By: Deja Cook- Reynolds

After attending the Krannert Art Museum’s Chicago exhibit, I was quite confused on what I was looking at. All the art was so different, but in a way; they had to be similar, right? Although, in order to understand the art around me, I had to dig deep and find out what Chicago meant to me. Was it just a place where people lived, or was it more than that? But people can live anywhere I said to myself, so what made Chicago “so special”. It was the fact that Chicago is composed of so many different type of people. People that work together to build a community that is special to them, without losing the core of Chicago’s traditions, the music, food, and community where people can let go, be themselves, and have fun!

So when, I was looking at the art work; I saw the fun and the beauty of Chicago. I saw the picture of the different communities painted in the images. They all captured different things, but indeed the theme was the same, the beauty of life Chicago, striving to live in the moment and not to be afraid of the journey or the people you might meet while you are there.

By: Philip Hanson

By: Art Sinsabaugh

By: Nathan Lerner

By: Ted Halkin

Chicago Exhibit

The Charming City of Chicago

Written by Emily Reeter

I think the artists tried to represent the passion, hustle, and chaos of the city with their illustrations of masses of people and vibrant colors. In one of the paintings they showcased all of the city’s people walking in a crowded downtown area.  It was unique because each and every person was dressed in something unique and bold.  I liked that painting the most because it really represented all the different cultures emerging in the city.  One of the reasons I like cities like Chicago so much is because of the diversity they bring and the different cultural influences they have throughout the city.   I thought this painting did a good job of showing the diversity with the different apparel choices and through the different directions everyone is headed.  Other paintings focused on the skyscrapers and exhibited the beautiful architecture of the Windy City.  I loved how modern and state-of-the-art, yet realistic all of the buildings looked.  I think the combination of the skyscrapers and hustling people paint a good picture of the hustling life of the city.  It’s a beautiful city with endless opportunities, but filled with an array of people from all different backgrounds that are all restless and ambitious to make something out of the assets supplied to them in this magical place. I drew my own illustration of my vision of the sun rising over the city, but the residents are already up moving.  They are on their way to make their impact and mark on this city before the sun has even risen over these skyscrapers.  It’s a city of art, ambition, and an array of residents with different backgrounds.



The Colors of Chicago

Written by Andrew Duran,

Image by Andrew Duran

Being raised in the city of Chicago, you begin to pick up on the colors that the city begins to depict. The sound of late night trains screeching to a stop and the feeling of a current bouncing in between two large buildings is unique to the city.

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