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Assignment 3: Reflection

Kelly Cameron in action coaching.

Kelly Cameron in action coaching.

For this essay I took shots of my assistant coach and got information on her from the website. I think I was pleased with how this essay turned out because I focused on something that I enjoyed and thought it was really cool to be able to film on court. It was also a fun activity to do with the new assistant to get to know her since she just arrived last week.

While I believe that I am getting better at video I know I still have a lot to learn. However, it is nice to see some of my video shots coming out clearer then they did for assignment 1. It was also fun to see my on court shots come together with the sounds of Atkins Tennis Center as well as one of my teammates practicing. I thought it came together nicely and the sound was a big help. I am looking forward to working with video in the future.

Link to my assignment found here.

Assignment 3: Video Essay

Kelly Cameron On Court 

Kelly Cameron in action coaching.

Kelly Cameron in action coaching.

After a sudden coaching staff change in the University of Illinois Women’s tennis program, 23-year-old Kelly Cameron packed her bags to head to Champaign last week to start as the official assistant coach of the program. Cameron is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she played division one tennis for four years.

Head coach Evan Clark, also new at the U of I, coached Cameron at UNCW while she was a player there. Clark says he brought Cameron to the Illinois tennis program because she was a leader of the team at UNCW and brought a lot of character to the program there.

Additional information on Cameron found here.

Video essay on Cameron found here.