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Assignment 3 – Photo Essay Crittenden


For our third assignment, we had to craft a Photo Essay that formulated a story with not only the images or video we provided, but also with sound that narrated the story we were trying to tell. I tried to create a story from something that may be seen as a very simple task and decided to focus on something common for the average college student.


I titled my project “Passing Time” and focused on a subject that was engrained in a simple hobby, playing video games. My own work was interesting to me because at a glance it seems like all this person is doing was playing video games, but as I began to focus on the concentration the subject had on the task he was doing, as well as the body positioning, the hands, and the eyes, it started to tell a story on its own. The focus the subject had was the focus I see many people have when they are drawn in to a game that they are playing. Playing games is such a common past time, and it is funny to see the concentration people will put into their game (but maybe not always their school work).

How To Make Guacamole

Easy 4 Ingredient Guacamole!

Being a college student we like to take the easy route most of the time when it comes to cooking. Throwing in a frozen pizza or heating up an easy mac n’ cheese is usually a go to for many of us. A healthier option I thought of was a quick, simple way to make a tasty snack with only four ingredients! Guacamole!

McCormick Guacamole

Courtesy to McCormick

Considering college students are often on a budget, this is a great cost effective alternative to eating out and wasting money. To learn how to make this yummy snack click here!

To view more college friendly snacks you can visit this link.




Listen to the Spoken Words

By, Senait Gebregiorgis

Swallow Your Words, or Let Them Free








Five years ago, two students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus had a vision for an organization where students can enhance their skills in their writing and performance abilities. Together they came up with the organization “W.O.R.D.” — writers organizing realistic dialect. Since then, W.O.R.D has remained to be one of the only spoken word organizations and clubs on the U of I campus.

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Adventures in Multimedia: The End of a Journey

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 4.40.04 PM

This Canon became my best friend for the semester! | Photo taken with Instagram

The Best (Class) I Ever Had
Life is a process of trials and tribulations, and with each challenge presented, you grow from the lessons learned.

Likewise, my time in multimedia has been incredibly worthwhile. Not only did I learn the basics of shooting, editing and writing for multimedia, but I also was able to go through this journey with encouraging and talented classmates.

Before I get all sentimental, let’s rewind to the beginning.
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Mediapalooza: Is the College of Media right for you?

A very tired Shalayne Pulia and I pose for a picture as Mediapalooza attendees blog about their experiences.  Photo credit: Jean McDonald

A very tired Shalayne Pulia and I pose for a picture as Mediapalooza attendees blog about their experiences.
Photo credit: Jean McDonald

On March 15, 2014, the University of Illinois College of Media hosted its fifth annual immersive open house, Mediapalooza. The event, which is geared toward high school seniors, boasted 85 registered families, the largest number since its creation in 2010.

Because prospective students must commit to a college by May 1, Mediapalooza aims to recruit attendees before that deadline, showing them what being a Media student at Illinois might be like.

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All Hands on Deck, Keeping that Academic Stress in Check


My roommate, Angel, stresses out at the amount of homework that needs to be done.

Stress levels rise as students deal with constant pressure from piles of homework, extracurricular activities to go to, work that needs to be done and everything else school-related. As college students, there is plenty on our minds. But one thing we shouldn’t have to worry about is the negative effects stress can have on our health and well-being.

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