Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble Brings Dance to Theatre

Örjan Andersson (Andersson Dance) and Jonathan Morton (Scottish Ensemble) bring a contemporary interpretation of Bach’s Goldberg Variations to the Colwell Playhouse stage

By: Aditya Kashyap

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A night of pleasant surprise

As someone who has no background or prior passion for contemporary dance, or classical music, I was ready for a two hour snooze-fest. What I got instead, was something pleasantly surprising.

A picture of the stage before the show began. Already I figured this show would be something different that what I expected.

As shown above, the actors were still arranging the set as people were walking in. This was not unsettling per say, but it did cause me to wonder whether this was for some dramatic effect, or if they really were not ready until the exact moment they began performing. It seemed to be intentional because one dancer would move something, walk away, then another dance would move the same object somewhere else. As the show went on however, and the set continued to move, it made the scene come alive and I enjoyed that very much.

As I said in my beginning, I certainly expected something much different, and much more boring than what I actually ended up seeing. The energy from both the musicians and the dancers was a breath of fresh air, and the comedy in the choreography made the whole experience a blast to watch. Even the inclusion of the musicians in the dance once or twice was an experience where I could see the performers having genuine fun, which caused me to have fun as well.

To be quite honest, the color palette of the show did not add much to the story for me, but the liveliness of the set design really held my attention throughout the story.

As I already said, I also really appreciated the inclusion of the musicians in the dancing as well. You could feel that they felt out of their comfort zone, and embraced it, and that really left a smile on my face. To me, this mostly encompassed how this play and choreography was playful.

Playful Merriment Dances

by Alia Muhammad Radzi

Booklet of the Performance

Who would have thought that watching a dance show could bring out so much laughs! The show encompasses of Andersson Dance and the Scottish Ensemble. The layout of the show is something that I have not seen before. Similarly to the first performance we saw, which was the Jupiter Spring Quartet, it was a combination of elements that are not usually strung together. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this performance as opposed to the Spring Quartet which was more on the grey area.

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An Oddity to the World of Dance and Music

By: Stephany Valdez

An eccentric group of individuals with an extraordinary and memorable performance.

Ticket and brochure to the performance
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The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-time

A unique and contemporary play for modern theater

By: Aditya Kashyap

The beautiful set design

This week’s performance was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, a play based on Mark Haddon’s novel and directed by one of our own professors, Dr. Latrelle Bright.

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Who Killed Wellington the Dog?

The tale of a boy looking for answers.

Written by: Leah Siegel

Photo by: Leah Siegel

This week we had the pleasure of seeing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, a play based on Mark Haddon’s prizewinning novel, by Simon Stephens and directed by one of our amazing professors Dr. Latrelle Bright!

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One teenage boy, but a lot of mysteries

By: Stephany Valdez

A play about a teenage boy who is faced with many mysteries to solve.

For this weeks show, our FAA class went to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time directed by our very own instructor, Latrelle Bright! This amazing play is about Christopher, a teenage boy who falls on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, and is faced with a mystery to solve: who murdered his neighbor’s dog?

My ticket along with the brochure for the play.
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Artistry Evolving

Photo by Maty Patino

Just like we evolve as a species, the way stories are being told are evolving as well. It just keeps getting better and better, and the future generations will be having the best of the best.
Written by Maty Patino

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Act of Love

Written by Sihan Wang

On the night of November 11, I went to the Colwell Playhouse at Karrnert center viewed Virago Man-Dem performance. I noticed that the performance was started before everyone was seated and lights out, as the audiences went into the theater, there is a person wearing white shirt standing at the corner right under stage facing the stage, and the light was on him since the beginning, I went into the theater early so I notice four performers started to stand on their position one by one before the lights turned off, faced to different direction.

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