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Assignment 2 Kaufman

I decided to focus my photo essay¬†with sound on food around campus. After completing assignment 1 I became more comfortable with my camera. I feel that for this project I was able to be more creative. I went around campus and documented food that I ate and saw throughout the week. Firehouse’s Mac and Cheese Burger is a favorite of mine as well as Insomnia cookies! I found I was able to get more interesting angles within my photos because of my prior experience. I also enjoyed this project because I was able to be original in the topic I decided to photograph.


A variety of cookies on display at Insomnia cookies on campus

I found that my sound did not connect to my project. I now understand that for the future I need to be more creative and find contributing sound that works with my photos. I prefer my “no sound” version of my project because the focus remains on the food. This motivates me to focus my next project on capturing sound.

Yum! Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies



Fall is underway and we all love comfort food around the holidays. Why not make a spin on the infamous chocolate chips cookies by adding nuts to the mix. There are two different ways these delicious cookies can be prepared…one is for the simple a complete box mix and homemade cookies for the intermediate. Here’s my shot at making a batch of delicious cookies for you all to enjoy.

Cookies Storyboard

A brilliant sales plan

Emerson sells cookies at the corner of Wright and Green streets.

Emerson sells cookies at the corner of Wright and Green streets.

For this project, I’m going to be honest, I didn’t have a backup plan. I was going to go to the vigil for the slain UNC students. My video would be emotion, moving and I would have plenty of willing subjects.

But sometimes good ideas come out of nowhere.

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