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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

This was my favorite show so far. I used to build sets for plays in high school so I always think it is interesting to see how directors make the set and how they interpret it. I thought the set for this show and how the cast interacted with it was so cool, one of my favorite sets I have ever seen. I like to pay attention to how the lighting is put into the play too and I really liked how it was.

I am also a very emotional person and I was so emotional during this play. the actors were so good I felt so into the play and into the story, I loved it. All of the actors played their characters so well I was so impressed. I am a person with a very short attention span, I do not even enjoy sitting through movies in movie theaters, but this play kept me engaged and interested. The actors played their roles so well.

I think an actor playing someone who is disabled but is not disabled is something that is very controversial right now. The actor has to play this role very well and be educated about the role they are performing. After discussing it in class I learned they did their research to make this role happen and that makes me very happy.

Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble

The dancers rearranging the space with objects added a whole new dimension to the piece. It brought it up a level from just song and dance and I thought that was an interesting way to draw the audience in and keep them in.

The expectations for the dance were so different from what we got. Even down the outfits it was different. They took something that is considered “boring” and put a non-normative twist on it that made me think back to our conversation in class about our interpretation of music and keeping classical music alive. This performance showed that not everything has to stay the same and proved that changing things up is beneficial and interesting. Keeping things modern can keep classical music alive.

The props were so interesting to me. I felt like they were symbolic but I am not very creative so I spent a lot of time trying to come up with ideas for what they could mean. A color palette is always something I pay attention to because I know it is always symbolic or purposeful and it takes a lot of time to create which many people do not think about. I thought the color palette was so captivating because the musicians wore such neutral colors while the dancers wore bright colors and I think that was also a reflection of their performances. The color palette was very clean and thorough and was pointed out many times during the show.

playbill and ticket

I loved when the musicians put down their instruments and danced. I thought it was so cool that they were included in the performance. I feel like typically playing and instrument you avoid dancing like that so I was surprised but impressed. I also thought it was nice of the choreographer to include them because I feel like it gives insight to the relationship between the choreographer, dancers, and musicians.

I feel like the performance was very playful and a little comical. The dancers really took their dancing to a new level with the acting they did. The audience was laughing so many times throughout the show and this was intentional. The choreographer made it playful by keeping the audience engaged and making sure they were laughing during.